JJ Abrams’ version of Star Trek is a topic of debate among movie and series fans. On the one hand, the franchise seriously needed a boost. On the other hand, it doesn’t really have the feel of it’s predecessors. So is it a good movie or a bad movie?

Two of the fans happen to be internet reviewers Roo of the Clan of the Gray Wolf and Saturday Night Showcase entrant Apollo Z. Hack of Xtreme Network Online. Although hosted on two different review sites, a feud has developed, with Roo defending the film and Apollo wanting to shove it out an airlock towards a black hole. This feud has hit new heights, into outer space itself.

With their permission I bring you that feud. Which side are you on? Did J.J. Abrams reinvigorate the Star Trek franchise or set it back?

As for me, I didn’t think it was a bad movie exactly. It was fun, the new Enterprise looked really awesome inside and out (except for Engineering…seriously, did they film that in a boiler room?), and the characters acted the classic parts well while not trying to imitate the original actors.

On the other hand, why bother having an alternate timeline? Just do a fresh reboot? Or (speaking of SNS entrants) why not follow Starship Faraggut‘s example? Create a new crew that you could make your own, still set it in classic Trek era (so far only the original series takes place at that time period, and no other official series–most of the rest take place in the TNG era) and NOT BLOW UP AN ICONIC PLANET LIKE VULCAN! Also, the Mr. Spock/Uhura relationship never sat well with me. (Poor Nurse Chapel. Left out again.) I also didn’t like that the crew’s positions, especially Kirk and Scotty, were forced so that they could start out completely interesting and different but still take their “proper” places in the ship’s command structure. It didn’t make sense.

The props, special effects, and the sets (again, except Engineering) were awesome looking, and while I miss the more cerebral moments the action scenes were good. So was it a good movie? I thought so. Was it a good Star Trek movie? I have to say no, much like Enterprise it didn’t feel like the Star Trek I know and love, which is why I haven’t pushed to add it to my movie library. But at least see it once with an open mind and judge for yourselves. Don’t let it come to intergalactic war.

You can also see my original review here as part of a summer movie sweep.

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  1. Jeremy Fuscaldo says:

    I’ll be honest that I prefer Star Wars in place of Star Trek. But I still thought that the rebooted film was great. I actually thought the fact that Nero completely altered the timeline had a nice twist to the series. Still, wouldn’t that open a paradox and affect the next generation of the Enterprise?


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