First a programming note. I was too busy to get this week’s Jake & Leon comic finished so we’ll have that next week. (Strip #50, for those who keep track of such things.) Also, the daily comic reviews will be returning on Monday. They won’t be in alphabetical order for a while at least because I have a lot to go through. Also, as soon as I’m done with this article I going to go fix the Best of FNF: Ka-Pow article. I still don’t know why WordPress ate all the text after that point, but it may be done by the time you read this article.

Now to business.

Christmas in the post-War United States

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As long time readers of BW Media Spotlight know,  I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the music. I love the decorations. I love the festivity. I even love the shopping. However, in media the spirit of Christmas is disappearing. ABC Family actually has more Christmas than non-Christmas stuff this year, which is a first in some time. But how many Christmas show are out there that capture the spirit of Christmas? Most show at best have a story set at Christmas time but otherwise isn’t any different from the rest of the year outside of decorations and a get together, plus a desire to be “all-inclusive” so you actually get a “holiday” production to include Chanukkah (which isn’t even the Jewish version of Christmas–I think Passover is closer) or Kwanzaa (which would be a nice premise if I didn’t find it racially divisive…just saying). Music is the only place where Christmas still lives on.

The holiday specials are less and less, but we here at BW (staff of one) want to keep the spirit alive. This year, with other projects plus Yuletide activities including Christmas-themed editions of my usual articles, I’m going to be busy and I’m not sure what to do for this year’s Christmas Eve/Day posting. So I turn to you, not only BW readers, but to the places I’m crossposting, having blog space over at That Guy With The Glasses (all you have to do is sign up, I’m not a Channel Awesome member or anything) and a few forums I can get to as well.

So what am I looking for? Your favorite Christmas specials, episodes, songs, websites, comics, video games if you know any. Anything that celebrates the religious, spiritual, and even the secular parts of Christmas (who doesn’t love Santa Claus and his hard-working crew?) or is actually Christmas themed instead of just set at Christmas. Anything that celebrates the fun, spectacle, and message of the Christmas season. Most notably anything online that I can either post or link to. If you want some idea of what I’m looking for, check out my previous Christmas Spotlight entries for the past two years. (Hopefully those videos and sites all still exist.)

Don’t post them in the comments. Send them to me. If you’re reading this on a forum, send me a PM. If you’re reading it from the Spotlight, use my contact form. How I post them this Christmas will be based on how many I receive, can locate, and qualifies in my mind. (I may give some love to otherwise good stuff after the fact.) If you’re a reviewer and reviewing a Christmas special, make it one you actually like, please, not just your usual slam of bad stuff. And tell us WHY you like it so much, because I’ll be putting that in the post! What is it about that episode, movie, or song that makes it stand out for you?

The best will be posted based on the theme I choose for that week, and it’s a good chance to promote your site. In that vein feel free to send links to online art too and I may (with the artist’s approval) sneak it into the articles somehow. (We’ll see.) I just need them by December 17th so I have time to make a proper post. The sooner the better since that last week is going to be a really busy one for me and I want the time to get it right.

Show your love of Christmas this year and hopefully next year I can do something cool on my own. Thanks for any entries you send.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. JerRocks2day says:

    I miss the Christmas spirit that I had when I was a kid.

    I think my favorite Christmas specials as of now are:
    -Winnie the Pooh, and a Christmas Too
    -Superbook’s First Christmas
    -the Talespin ep, ‘A Jolly Molly Christmas’
    -A Muppet Christmas Carol
    -It’s a Wonderful Life

    That’s a few that I can think of.


  2. JerRocks2day says:

    Through here or the email?


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