Mega Man Megamix #2

Udon Entertainment (August 2010)

STORY/ART: Hiroshi Ariga
TRANSLATION: M. Kirie Hayashi
LETTERERING: Marshall Dillon
ART CLEANUPS: Jennifer Skarupa
COVER COLOR: Ayano Koshiro
OLD ASSISTANT: Kenjy Kudou, Yasuyo Satou, Jun Higurashi, Rie Takahashi, & Mihoko Uga
ASSISTANT: Ryouma Nomura, Takanori Yamazaki, & Michael D. Lindow
EDITOR: Naoto Ogawa
BOOK DESIGN: Kenichi Aoki
PHOTO: Studio Atom

The second volume of Megamix continues along the road of the first volume, and that is very much a good thing. The first volume was fun and action packed, and that continues here. In this issue we meet Doctor Cossack, his daughter Kalinka, and his robots. In Ariga’s story he kept his robots after the events of the fourth NES game except for Skull Man, who he was forced to build by Wily and has issues with. There’s even a sub-plot about Kalinka’s opinion towards robots, even emotional ones like Roll. It’s a good story with interesting characters.

The second one has Wily’s robots working at an amusement park to make money for Wily. This is the first appearance in the series of Bass & Treble . Bass wants to challenge Mega Man, but the Wily robot masters end up defending the amusement park. It’s odd but in a fun way.

The third story has Bass kidnapping Roll in hopes of goading Mega Man to fight him. Proto Man is all for it since he thinks Mega Man is naive, which he sees as a weakness. Proto both has a point and is a real jerk, so I don’t know what to really think about him. That’s actually pretty interesting and I’m hoping these are followed up in the next and final volume.

The book ends with a series of joke strips, including a tribute to Mega Man’s Soccer which was written before the game came out, so he admits to the inaccuracies in the story. There is also the second part of the interview with Mega Man’s creator, Keiji Inafune, who was still with Capcom at the time it was conducted.

Overall I would call this a must for any Mega Man/comic reading fan.

Tomorrow’s Comic> I might as well get it over with. Batman Beyond #6, and thank god this mini-series is over!

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