I caught the preview on Friday. I also caught the first two episodes of Transformers: Prime, but the whole first story is a five-parter that will be playing all week so I’ll give my review next week.

Young Justice was a DC title that was similar to the Teen Titans. Not having read that series I can’t really tell you how well they match up. I can only review this version, and the short version is…I like it.

"I make this look cool."

Welcome to the long version. The first thing that struck me about the show is the character models, since Mr. Freeze didn’t really look like his more recent depictions in the “DCAU” or the more recent The Batman. The models are closer to Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, not quite like the recent direct-to-video movies DC has been putting out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people were involved. (Movies tend to have superior artwork due to having more time to focus on such things compared to the needs of a TV show.) They look real good, and the animation is quite decent.

The story works for me. It sets up the series, lets the hero characters (Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy) show off what they can do and what they bring to both the team and the show. Project Cadmus appears to be similar to how it appeared in Justice League Unlimited, but it’s also obvious that it isn’t from the same universe.

If he only knew the daddy issues to come...

My favorite of the group was Robin, although I’d like to know which Robin they’re going with. (I think we can assume NOT Jason Todd. 😆 ) I’m rooting for Tim Drake and in my opinion he’s the best Robin while I like Dick better as Nightwing. (Sadly, we’re stuck with him either as Batman 2 in the comics or Robin in the extended media. He just became Nightwing in Batman: The Brave & The Bold, which makes only the second time he’s adopted the identity in the various cartoons.

We don’t get a lot of Superboy’s personality, but considering he just came from a test tube he hasn’t had time to develop one. 🙂 What I’m most curious about is to see how Superman gets used to have a clone son, which I’m hoping is resolved at the end of season 1. Kid Flash doesn’t get a lot of personality, however. Wally’s been known for being funny, but Robin seemed to have more one-liners if anyone. I’m hoping to see more of his character in further episodes.

New Aqualad can control water and carries around electric zapper thingies. I would think that a bad idea.

Much like Reptil, a character created for the “Super Hero Squad” toyline and cartoon by Marvel and just dropped into the Marvel Universe, so is also the case with Aqualad. Like Green Lantern John Stewart before him in the original version of the Justice League cartoon, I think he’s just there to fill a racial quota. Unlike John, however he’s an original character and the position could have easily been filled by say Static (who is so popular DC dragged him into the DC Universe proper to bank on the character), or even Natasha Irons which would also have given them a female character in the pilot. (Miss Martian is introduced in the final scene so she has less personality than Kid Flash.) While this bugs me, he is a decent character in the pilot, very proper but not stuck up along his fellow “sidekicks”. I like him since he’s here, but I still feel it was unnecessary.

Wally West, the way Didio and Johns wish they could make him again.

Speedy’s a jerk. He may have a point, but he’s still a jerk. Watch for him to become Arsenal (he quits as Green Arrow’s partner because he wants too much to fast in my opinion) if I have him pegged right. Although personally if he doesn’t show up again I won’t miss him, but it does beg the question “what was the point of bringing him in just to have him walk out?”. My DVR missed the first few seconds at least so I don’t know if they even had an intro so I don’t know his future in the series.

Overall I thought it was a great start, and I’m looking forward to beginning of the official series in January. It’s well written, well acted, well drawn, and fun while still being serious. I have high hopes for the show.


God knows the comics have been. Speaking of which, a comic spin-off is coming out as well. I hope they do a good job, but history tells they probably won’t.

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  1. JerRocks2day says:

    I saw at least the first 20 mins of the Young Justice pilot; while I didn’t get a chance to see it all, I thought it was pretty good so far.

    The only minor issue I seem to be concerned about is Jesse McCartney as Robin. Don’t get me wrong, I think he did a wonderful job as Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2 and KH: 358/2 days, and while his voicing for Robin wasn’t bad, it didn’t seem to capture the angst that Scott Menville used for Robin in Teen Titans.

    Overall, I think this series is off on a highnote (although, I didn’t finish the pilot).


  2. JerRocks2day says:

    It felt a little awkward listening to Jesse M. voice Robin, imo.


  3. notintheface says:

    The dynamic with the Flashes struck me as a bit strange. Kid Flash as portrayed in YJ was clearly a young Wally West. Yet the Flash’s look and personality was…. ALSO Wally West, but the older mid-20’s Wally, similar to Michael Rosenbaum’s JLU Wally.


  4. Silber Da says:

    The one thing that I’m mostly happy about is the fact that they didn’t f^&k up Superboy’s voice. On another note this Aqualad is a real character in the comics. He is the son of Black Manta and has dreads like Static.


    • I’ll have to go back and add the character profile link I thought I added. I know Jackson Hyde is a character in the DC Universe, so is Reptil in the Marvel Universe. However, neither were created for the comics. Hyde was created for this show and DC decided to add him to the main DC Universe. Reptil was created for the Super Hero Squad toyline and dropped into the show and comics. I mentioned this in the article.

      EDIT: Just added.


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