Running a lot late tonight, but Christmas shopping takes precedent. Anyway, tonight we journey once again to Eternia as the Christmas spirit comes to Masters of the Universe. And Horde Prime will stop at nothing to end it.


I know that…certain parties…will take the time to make fun of the special because they like to break out the gay jokes…

And the rest of you. Sadly, even the Nostalgia Critic

I’m looking at YOU, VH-1!

And that’s all I have to say on that. Really all I can say about the show is that it’s just meant to be fun and promote the toys (and apparently take a cheap shot at the Transformers and GoBots, which was just wrong of them). I do wonder where the “Manchines” and “Monstroids” came from and why they were never used again. There were no toys and that part comes off as padding really.

Otherwise, it gets graded on the Christmas special curve and I like it.

But seriously, stop with the gay jokes, people.


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