When we last left our heroes, Queen Bansherra had brought out her son, Impus, infused with Diabolico’s star power. It was the right place to end, as that’s where that season ended. Season 2 of the Lightspeed Rescue era begins, and Lewis is your guide.

About the 3-D special? I own it. I had money, I was in to Power Rangers, and a local McDonalds had it, so I got it. That’s right, the special (at least on video) was in 3-D, but while I haven’t watched it in years I don’t remember it working that well. Then again, 3-D seldom works for me. It might be my glasses, I don’t know. And I’m not bugged about kids showing up in Power Ranger nearly as much as Lewis is. It’s not like they show up every episode (Justin aside) and it is quite possible that occasionally a kid is going to get involved in these struggles, if only because his or her parent or parents are a target or somebody is going after kids for some sinister purpose. Still, the story was rather weak for the reasons Lewis said.

(Also, I’m trying to think: is this the first time a team-up used Sentai footage?)

Otherwise, Lewis kind of speaks for me all the way around. Carter is awesome, Joel was my favorite because he was more fun, Dana was the only solider on the team (despite also being a paramedic) which makes here even more out of character in the model episode, Chad was sadly underutilized and Kelsie kept things lively. Also, she was a lesbian. What, you don’t believe me? Look, I’m the last guy to break out the “gaydar”, if you’ve seen my complaints about how reviewers approach He-Man and Velma from Scooby-Doo, but there’s one episode early in the series where she makes friends with an astronaut after saving her dog.

The whole episode kind of gave me that vibe, and I’ve seen plenty of episodes of shows over my 37+ years (give or take a few years for being a baby and all) where the hero’s new friend is in trouble and it just seemed to feel a bit more “special” to her if you ask me. I’m not complaining or anything, because if they WERE going for that instead of me reading into things (remember I’m usually the LAST person to break out the “gay” tag) it was subtle enough to not bother too many parents I think. Besides, there’s so much messed up in that whole scene, like why did the car take that long to finally stop on a busy street or why the dog just plopped down in the middle of the road–was she suicidal or something? And the delivery in the second scene. Not very good for either actress (or the writer for that matter).

Overall, while Wild Force was the weakest series, I just had no interest in this one, and I think Lewis nailed what it is…the villains. My view on demons as mentioned yesterday aside, they just weren’t all that interesting until Bansherra started mistreating her troops, even her son. There were some good episodes and decent potential but overall it just never fully clicked for me.

But next time I re-post these? Power Rangers Time Force. Oh, hell yeah!

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