"If I may ask you, humans, who is this Tommy and why are you using his guns?"

Transformers: Sector 7 #3

IDW Publishing (November 2010)

WRITER: John Barber
COLORIST: Andrew Crossley
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Andy Schmidt
COVER: Brian Rood

The “newborn” Transformer from the previous issue (1898) is found in 1934, acting as the getaway vehicle for Bonnie & Clyde. While history remains the same, the specifics are altered by this event. Hot on their heels is now Simmon’s daughter, who has become a Sector 7 agent.

What they got right: The writer continues to attempt to get his history right (shapeshifting robots aside, of course), getting the attitudes of the people in general and the more famous characters in particular as accurate as he can compared to the needs of the story.

What they got wrong: I get bothered when historical events are altered by the appearance of new characters. It’s been done too often, and the unnamed Transformer is a little too interested in Bonnie if you ask me. It feels wrong for a mechanical lifeform who wasn’t shown having any real connection to the woman.

Recommendation: It’s not horrible, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone who isn’t into the “add sci-fi elements to historical events” type stories.

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