When I was out Christmas shopping the other night someone told me that there was a new trailer, or to be more precise a teaser, for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which is supposed to be the final part of Michael Bay’s trilogy. Sure enough I found it.

So what to make of this? The guy who told me about said that rumors (probably more like fan theories) point to the robot in the teaser to be either Alpha Trion or Vector Prime. Alpha Trion was a wise scientist who rebuilt a dock-worker named Orion Pax and his girlfriend, Ariel, into Optimus Prime and Elita-One in the original animated series. Vector Prime was introduced in Transformers: Cybertron and both have been written from here out as one of the original 13 Transformers created by Primus. (This wasn’t exactly the case in the original animated series, but that’s a long story.)

Rumors also state that Unicron, the Galactus of the Transformers Multiverse, may be the big threat as well as the first appearance (not counting the video games) of Movieverse Shockwave. None of this is gleaned from the teaser.

There is one pet peeve that’s been growing, if you’ve been reading my reviews of the Sector Seven miniseries that IDW is putting out. Apparently, the Apollo moon landing was a front for investigating a Cybertronian spacecraft. I’ve been bothered by all this historical events rewritten stuff in Sector Seven and the Movieverse itself started this by claiming that all technological achievement came from studying Megatron’s frozen form. (Then again, Agent Simmons is something of a blowhard, so who knows how accurate his statement is.) Can important moments in history stand on their own? Do aliens have to be behind it all?

It should also be noted that this is in contradiction with the first of the original novels set in the Movieverse, Alan Dean Fosters’ Ghosts of Yesterday. In the novel, the Apollo 11 landing was to hide Sector Seven sending a ship into a wormhole, using technology based off of Megatron, to investigate the Transformers and assess the possibility of more “NBEs” (non-biological entities, the way they referred to Transformers) coming to Earth. That may be a future Chapter By Chapter, but I should note that while the novels call themselves official prequels to the movies, so do the IDW comics and both have been contradicted by the actual movie before.

So does this get me excited for the final film? After the train wreck that was Revenge of the Fallen, I’d have to say no. I will judge the movie on its own merits, but it certain seems to look pretty.

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