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Muppet Sherlock Holmes #4

BOOM! Kids (November 2010)

WRITER: Patrick Storck
ARTIST: Amy Mebberson
COLORISTS: Braden Lamb & Amy Mebberson
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
DESIGNER: Erika Terriquez

Our heroes’ tea time with Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft Homes (Rolf the Dog), is interrupted by a case, where a wealthy man’s maid and butler disappear. Holmes follows the clues and meets Muppet Moliarty (Uncle Deadly), this time not in disguise as he was in a previous appearance, as his ties with Miss Irene/Hudson is revealed.

What they got right: The characters and events of the previous comic come together so well that your forget that it’s playing with the novel canon. The writer still did his homework, as Mycroft is an actual character that I’m betting most of us don’t know about, but is actually Sherlock’s brother, with an accurate portrayal no less. Otherwise, just see my review of the other three comics to see everything else they got right.

What they got wrong: The ending leaves no possibility of a sequel or continuation. That’s too bad, since this has been my favorite of the Muppet parodies, beating Muppet Peter Pan for the spot.

Recommendation: Keep Storch and Mebberson for future parodies. They work great together (at least on this side, I’m not up on the behind-the-scenes), and this great comic was the result.

Words to live by.

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