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Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek

BBC Books (2010)

WRITER: Justin Richards
ARTIST: Mike Collins
COLORIST: Bethan Sayer
ADDITIONAL COLORING: Kris Carter, Yel Zamor, John-Paul Bove, & John Charles
LETTERER: Ian Sharman
SCRIPT EDITOR: Clayton Hickman

Despite the cover in the ComiXology solicit showing the 10th Doctor, the story actually features the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond (as shown on the actual cover). This is BBC Books first graphic novel to feature the Doctor as they usual do original prose novel stories. This comic find the Doctor and Amy arriving on Station 7, where experiments on Daleks and Dalek technology are being performed. The Daleks have found out about it and have concocted a scheme to target one experiment in particular.

The art is fantastic, but Mike Collins has honed his skills in the magazine strips. It’s a good Dalek story as well with only one fan nitpick; I haven’t seen the entire recent season because I don’t get BBC America, but I have seen as far as the “Moffat Daleks” episode and I’d like to know how they rounded up that huge a Dalek army since we last saw them. (Time travel works funny in Doctor Who.) If this was indeed meant to be a 10th Doctor story and not 11th, it’s difficult to tell with the Doctor’s personality. (I think I noticed one point that was more like 10, but what I know of 11 isn’t contradictory.)

Overall, this is a good first GN by BBC Books and a good job by everyone involved. If you’re a Matt Smith Who fan, you really should pick this up.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Ben 10: Alien Force – Doom Dimension volume 2–took me long enough, but took them, too.

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