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Surprise news out of Marvel’s camp. Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, target of many blogs scorn, will no longer be EIC. Instead the title falls to Axel Alonso, editor of the X-titles.

So the good news is Quesada is gone. But is Alonso coming in more good news or bad news?

Alonso comes off some decent credits, at least at the surface. Named X-Title editor in 2006, he was previous editor of DC’s “Vertigo” line (one of the few imprints DC hasn’t screwed up). However, his credits also include the more mature titles from both houses (Vertigo’s work isn’t exactly kid-friendly). He has also worked on the “Max” and “Marvel Knights” titles for Marvel, all of which tend to lead toward the darker and mature audiences. This leads me to wonder if they’re going to pull further away from the kids audience (as it is, Marvel’s kids division is four titles) and more to the darker side, which killed Marvel for me a long time ago.

Four Color has this to note:

Alonso joined Marvel in 2000 as a senior editor and helped oversee critically lauded runs of Amazing Spider-Man and the X-Men, along with revisioning western character Rawhide.

They cut that last part foolishly short; it’s supposed to be Rawhide KID, and the MAX title they published that “revisioned” that old western hero depicted him so embarrassingly as “flaming gay” that it was reviled by many.

That aside, Alonso’s work as an editor on Spidey and X-Men was nothing to write home about either. He was instrumental in the destruction of the Spider-Marriage, and that’s one more reason why I realize this change in editors is certainly nothing to crow over.

Also, the X-fans haven’t been pleased with their favorite series under his run, most notably the recent killing off of Nightcrawler and the storyline where it happened. Also, Cyclops has become an even bigger jerk during his tenure. Alex addressed this in one interview:

The X-Office is probably the highest profile of the editorial offices at Marvel and also comes under the most scrutiny from fans. Is being under that large a microscope something you have to deal with as an editor?

Oh, I think I’ve always been under a large microscope. When I came here there were petitions to get me fired before I had done anything!


Yeah, with “Amazing Spider-Man..” For me, I take everything with a grain of salt. The most important thing is that the books I’m working on are selling. I hear criticism and I listen to what’s being said out there, but I don’t make my decisions based on the criticism I might get on the Internet or what have you.

There are people I work with – writers, artists and other editors – whose opinions I value and I pay close attention to those. There will be a lot of people who will say negative things about me and those who will say positive things. Ultimately, this is all kind of silly because at the end of the day this is a team effort and the Group Editor may be the person who presides over the whole thing, but the individual editors and assistants factor in the day-to-day in a major way.

See, I could get behind that except both Marvel and DC have been less that attentive to fans concerns and the treatment of whatever characters aren’t considered movie fodder at the moment. I’m not sure that’s going to change. In fact, since Alonso is more connected to mature titles I’m pretty sure that not only were fans concerns that Disney was going to lighten up the Marvel Universe (and I wish they would) but I’m not sure it won’t get even darker.

However, since he doesn’t even have his nameplate on the desk yet, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. My biggest wish is that he would do something about Eventitis at any rate. As far as how characters will be treated, let’s see what he does.

So what’s Quesada going to be doing?

As part of this strategic initiative, Joe Quesada will focus on his duties as Chief Creative Officer, overseeing Marvel’s creative endeavors in film, television, publishing, digital and more. In his ten-year tenure as Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Quesada was instrumental in Marvel’s rise to prominence as a global entertainment juggernaut and the increased profile of the comic book medium. Mr. Quesada brings his expertise and experience to further strengthen the Marvel brand as a leader in worldwide entertainment.

So we’re not rid of him yet. Actually, the movies and cartoons recently haven’t been that bad, so maybe this is one area he won’t screw up. Maybe. I still don’t get this “Chief Creative Officer” title that DC and Marvel have been playing with lately.

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