Last time we took a look at two songs that frustrate me because it’s pro-cheating, but you have to pay attention to catch it. Now we get two songs that have people pulling a desired mate from their significant other, and really being a jerk about it. And as one video shows, it bloody works!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Avril Lavigne and Jason Derulo have something in common. Do you feel the fear?

Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” already sounds like the girl is pushing a huge ego, but while I usually go for the lyrics without the music video, said music video makes things even worse. Thanks to “the world works the way I write it to be” (I’m working on a term that has to with the character…well, heck, just watch a review of Twilight over at That Guy With The Glasses and think of how they depict Bella), apparently being a bi#$% works!

And at the time of this article’s writing you’ll have to click through to YouTube on both videos. Attention Vevo! If don’t want us to embed the videos on our sites then disable the embed code like everyone else on YouTube does!

Personally, I think the guy comes off worse than Lavigne’s character in this one. Sure she pulls all sorts of tricks to break them up but if it were me dating a cute girly girl redhead, or you know, just being with my girlfriend and some pushy girl kept pulling these kinds of stunts I’d tell her to knock it the heck off. Or if I were in the right mood deck her one. (Remember, the rule is never hit a lady, and I don’t think Avril Lavigne ever earns that title.) Instead he runs off with Lavigne…which if you were going to do that anyway why not doing a long time ago! You obviously don’t care if your current girlfriend get abused so break up with her and spare her the torment you flaming jack#$%hat! You’re giving us all a bad name and leaving us decent guys with nobody.

(Just because I’M too old for her doesn’t mean some other nice guy should miss out, right?)

Sure she’s playing both girls but that’s what she thinks of girls that aren’t rebels without a clue cause like her. Still lame. If I want a song called “Girlfriend”, I look up Matthew Sweet’s version.

That brings us to another #$%hat, Jason Derulo. You know, the guy who’s apology song “Whatcha Say” was so not-a-chance that he had to grab a line from a different song for the girl role, and still she mocked the heck out of him. This time Derulo decides to go up to a girl at the club and pull her away from a guy with the most romantic phrasing he can think up. Just pay attention to the first paragraph and watch him decay.

Did you catch it? Ladies, how would you feel if some guy came up to you and said “baby, I can show you what true love is than he can, and that would be fulfilling my sexual fantasies”. Not surprisingly, the official music video ignores this altogether in favor of some parking lot hookup spot…thing, I don’t know, we don’t have things like that in Connecticut, I guess. Does he once talk about romancing her…or even fulfilling her outside of making her scream? No. Maybe it’s because I don’t have Derulo’s looks but honestly I’d get my face slapped–and that’s if I got off lucky–if I tried that pick-up line. It may not be the worst I’ve heard in a song, but it’s still darn pathetic.

You know, next time I really need to find a GOOD narrative to review for this feature. So far I’ve focused on bad narratives or ones that frustrate me, but music can be a good way to tell a story. I’m open to suggestions, but I think I have one in mind if I can find it.

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