Megatron dressed formal tonight.

Transformers #15

IDW Publishing (January 2011)

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Don Figueroa
COLORIST: Andrew Dalhouse
ALTERNATE COVER ART: Nick Roche (artist) and J. Brown (colorist)
LETTERER: Chris Mowry
EDITOR: Andy Scmidt

Starscream (and the readers) are brought up to date as to Megatron’s plan and his connection to Bumblebee’s would-be assassin. Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus sends Brawn on a special mission and Thundercracker is approached by Starscream to rejoin the Decepticons.

What they got right: I want to put something here, I really do. I want to say that it’s a good thing they’re tying up the loose ends.

What they got wrong: But shouldn’t they have done that in the story. The timeline of events over this arc has been terrible. Why do this? This story is one big flashback to tell us things out of sequence. It was one thing when they had to try to connect All Hail Megatron to official continuity and push the timeline up but this just becomes confusing. And what happened to Figueroa’s artwork? This isn’t even close to his usual standards, like he rushed it or something. And the movie elements are still not helping.

Recommendation: I’m a sheep when it comes to Transformers stories, but unless you are, I really have to say this comic will not make you into one. It’s not the worst I’ve ever read, but it’s just not very good.

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