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Now granted, IDW may only know I exist if Tony Lee (writer of Doctor Who, who along with artist Blair Shedd have commented on my site) told them. So it’s not like they care what I think any more than any other reader nor do I think otherwise. However, this is stuff I would like to see in the upcoming Godzilla comic.

Yesterday I was talking about alliances between the monsters and how that could lead not to Godzilla becoming a hero so much as the lesser of two evils, thus allowing us to root for him. I was thinking more about that today, and thought that instead of just listing which monsters I want to see in the comic I might actually list which side they’d be on, thus inflating the article to three chapters and spreading out the info a bit more. So for this post, I list the monsters I want to see on “Team Godzilla”, the monsters who will protect the Earth,–willingly, reluctantly, or it just happens–from the monsters on “Team Ghidorah”.

Godzilla (duh)

Two side notes, first. One, there is a live-action series called Godzilla Island. WHY HAS NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THIS UNTIL NOW! And Tronix wants video now. I did find the theme song on YouTube but the only videos I can find is some guy’s stop-motion fan film. Two: the original animated series is up on Hulu! 2011 may well become the year of Godzilla! If you think it won’t be in the Saturday Night Showcase after I’m done with Kamen Rider, you’ve never read BW Media Spotlight before.

So how do you make Godzilla root-forable (probably not a real word, but sometimes you have no choice) while still making him not Japan’s favorite monster? Well, in the original movie he tore a path across Japan after being mutated by the Atomic Bomb. (Because science used to do that.) In Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster, Mothra goes to Godzilla and Rodan to seek their help in taking down Ghidorah. We’re told (via translation by the doll-sized caretakers of Mothra) that Godzilla doesn’t hate humans, but he attacks because humans hate him. That may not fly with the compromise I’m suggesting in this article series.

Why go Team Godzilla?: As I’ll get to with Mothra’s entry, Mothra is the defender of the Earth and would be the actual recruiter. I’m calling it Team Godzilla because it’s his comic and he’s the reigning King of the Monsters. In the concept I wish I was pitching to IDW, Godzilla isn’t really a defender of anything. He simply doesn’t like the other side invading his turf and trying to destroy the Earth. (I’ll get more into that concept in tomorrow’s article.) So he works with the other Earth monsters not because he wants to but because even he realizes there is strength in numbers. It may take a few arcs for him to become a “team player” and will probably not get along with the other Earth kaiju for a long time. And he couldn’t care less about the humans but if they want to attack the invaders instead of him he won’t force the issue.


In my version, it’s Mothra who actually brings the Earth monsters together once the alien monster invasions begin. In every movie Mothra is the guardian of the Earth, or at least Infant Island. Thus she decides she can’t do it alone and figures that the Earth monsters would want to protect what’s theirs and brings them together. While Godzilla will probably be the last to join of the original grouping the monsters will probably follow his lead while Mothra convinces them to fight the good fight, if only for their own goals.

Why go Team Godzilla?: As I just said, Mothra can’t defend against King Ghidorah and the other invading monsters alone, even if they do come one at a time (for reasons I’ll get into tomorrow), so she needs help. Also her opposite number, Batra, will be among the “evil” monsters, meaning aliens aren’t the only problem.


The last of the already announced IDW-acquired monsters to make this list, Rodan’s place in Team Godzilla should be no surprise to fans. In his original movie, Rodan simply awoke, but the humans, not wanting giant dino-birds tearing their roofs off just by flying by or, you know, EATING THEM (the humans, not the roofs), got them into a volcano where they died. (Yes, there were two, and Rodan had a mate or sibling or something.) Rodan was the other monster to “go good” along with Godzilla in Three-Headed Monster and until the reboot he was one of Godzilla’s closest allies. In the Heisei era, Rodan was connected to Baby Godzilla. The wiki I’ve been using in this series suggests that he considered Baby Godzilla a brother. Both the original movie and Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla II play into my idea for IDW Rodan. (Should I stop calling it that, since IDW isn’t actually going to be following my suggestions?)

Why go Team Godzilla: I’m thinking either because of Baby Godzilla (I’m not sure how exactly I’d introduce him, so maybe not) or to protect either his mate or some Rodan eggs. I know Mothra is usually the one whose eggs are a big deal, but I think it could work as Rodan’s motivator and probably how Mothra talks him into fighting the invaders.


I have to admit this isn’t one of my favorite monsters. However, in the classic movies, despite being Godzilla’s first daikaiju opponent in the second ever Godzilla movie, he later became Godzilla’s friend and sidekick of a sorts. In one film Godzilla sent him to check out the “strange disturbance in the Force” or whatever he was sensing at the time. He wasn’t one of the strongest monsters and if my memory serves me right on Jet Jaguar received a worse beatdown.

Why go Team Godzilla?: In my vision, Angurius isn’t really a fighter. He can fight, I’m not trying to make him a total wuss or anything. He just really doesn’t want to, he just wants to live his life. While technically part of the team he only hangs around the other Earth defenders because he’s get beat to a pulp by the more ruthless (and sometimes bullies) invading monsters. I wouldn’t have him in the front of the battle, but he would do his part along with the team.

King Caesar

When we first meet the monster, he’s the guardian of one particular family who gives the Black Hole Aliens something to think about. In Final Wars he’s one of the monsters under control of “X” and the Xilians. I’d like to see him go back to being one of the good monsters.

Why go Team Godzilla?: While I wouldn’t give the monsters anthropomorphic personalities or anything, I think giving Mothra a “confidant” if you will who is battling the invader monsters to protect the Earth would be a good thing. As a statue brought to life by Shinto priests (you can get away with that in a comic), he would protect the humans, just as Mothra is. However, I would make Caesar a recurring character, like some of the lesser-known Toho monsters not on either list, some of whom fall on both sides. I bring him up mostly to make that point.

Jet Jaguar

Oh, shut up and hear me out. Besides, it sounds like they really improved the character for that Godzilla Island show I mentioned in Godzilla’s entry. Modified from a winning contest entry, Jet Jaguar was a size-changing robot stolen by the Seatopians to help guide Megalon. In that TV show he was actually a human-piloted mech, and there are versions for medical and fire safety on Godzilla Island. This is close to my concept.

Why go Team Godzilla?: After Mechagodzilla’s first appearance, the story leads to the humans getting a hold of the plans and reverse engineering them to create Jet Jaguar. After all, only two of the defender monsters really have human interests in mind so it’s best to have an extra hand. His computer brain (or someone at the anti-kaiju group that has to be part of this story) realizes that, at least for now, teaming up with Earth monsters may be in their best interests. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the invaders are the bigger threat. While the Earth kaiju pretty much just want to tend to their business, the alien-controlled monsters are being sent to devastate the Earth for conquest or the heck of it. And with Jet Jaguar and other gear I’d give them, the humans can at least convince the usual monsters to go about their business without smashing Tokyo for the eighth time this month.

So what plans would I have for “Team Ghidorah”, and why is there actually more than one team? We’ll wrap up this look at how I’d write Godzilla: Monster World with a look at the bad guys, alien and monster, and what plans they have for the Earth and our heroes.

(image embed source is again the Godzilla Wiki)


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