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If you haven’t heard by now, Godzilla is my #3 favorite fiction so the fact that this is a thing that will exist makes me all kinds of happy. Yes, for some reason somebody at IDW had made it their life’s mission to take my money, grabbing both the Transformers (#1) and Doctor Who(#2) licenses. (Now if they’d only get a better writer for Transformers. No offense to Mike Costa, but you are totally not bringing what I want out of Transformers.) So since IDW has shown they want to make me happy, I’m devoting tonight and tomorrow to going into what I’m hoping for when this comic drops in March.

Some things have already been announced, like Godzilla bringing other Toho monsters in tow, but the recent Comic Shop News article that kicked this off spent more time telling me the famous names that are going to be involved, like Eric Powell and Tracy March on writing duties and Phil Hester on art, with Powell and Alex Ross (the guy who made Battle of the Planets awesome yet made the Phantom suck so I’m on the fence if I want him involved in my #3 fav or not). That’s all well and good if you care, but Chris Ryall, if your reading this you must instruct your writers to include the following to insure this is Godzilla where it counts rather than just being GINO with the right costume.

Also, a Mecha-Hydra-Ghidorah would be awesome.


For the first few movies Godzilla was the villain, looking to destroy Tokyo. In Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster something changed. Mothra, who had always been a good monster, got her wings beat by Ghidorah. She goes to Godzilla and Rodan for help and this is the event that led to Godzilla becoming a hero, and gathering a crew of monsters that included Angurius, King Caesar, and others. In the more recent films, Mothra is still a guardian (including her own films) and Godzilla is the lesser of two evils, except when he’s not. Against King Ghidorah, yes. Against an anti-Mothra named Battra that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see a “good” Godzilla again as much as I would like to see one, but the last bunch of movies I’ve seen in the “Heisei” and “Millennium” eras of Godzilla (and frankly I’ve only see two of the latter) have been Godzilla versus everybody (except for other Godzilla/Godzillasauruses). I want to see Godzilla take on friends again now that they’re bringing everyone else back. Maybe Godzilla isn’t so much a good guy monster as not really as big a threat in comparison. He doesn’t hate humans but rather doesn’t care one way or another. He just likes to smash stuff and fight. Then you have the monsters who are more willing to destroy the world, and since Godzilla has all his stuff here he is a reluctant defender.

To this end he ends up alongside actual defenders like Mothra and King Ceasar (and possibly a better designed Jet Jagar) and fate just has him also teaming with Rodan and Angurius who, like him, don’t care as long as they fight or protect their eggs (more Rodan and Angurius) or some other reason. That would mean that King Ghidorah and the other traditionally “evil” monsters are in fact threats to Godzilla’s group if not humanity. This means Godzilla still gets to not be a “guardian monster” but we can still cheer for him against the worse monsters.

"We seek the one called 'Neo'. He is our god."


Whether it’s the movies, the comics (both Marvel and Dark Horse) or even the cartoon, aliens exist in the Godzillaverse. The Black Hole Aliens were in two movies and even show up in Dark Horse’s run, having infiltrated the US Military. They are the ones who created Mechagodzilla (not the humans reverse-engineering future tech), but they aren’t the only aliens. Marvel broke out their own aliens as well.

From the Millennians of Godzilla 2000 to the Xyliens of Invasion of the Astro-Monster and Godzilla: Final Wars (above from the FW redesign), aliens show up. Having Godzilla and his “side” fighting them simply because they try to use them or the “evil” monsters as weapons seems a go to me. Again, team Godzilla would fight them because they have to and not to protect humans that are either an annoyance or not worth noticing. Some of the monsters have ties to these invaders, which would lead to the fighting. We’d cheer on Team Godzilla because we have to, not because they’re the heroes.

The redesigns for "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters" begin.

Original monsters

Granted, when Hanna-Barbera, Marvel, and Dark Horse all made their translations of Godzilla (while the animated version of GINO was cool and all, it was still GINO, or officially to Toho, “Zilla”) they didn’t have the license for the other famous monsters so they had to create their own. However, just because IDW has the rights to Gigan or Hedorah doesn’t mean that as the series progresses (please let it progress) they can’t create an original monster or two, or break out some original monster-smashing robots, because I do like to see the humans at least TRY to move beyond those laser-shooting dishes that never work.

The Victory Dance

If you have to ask why, we will never get along.

So what original monsters do I hope to see back besides the obvious four? Stop in tomorrow and find out.

Images used in this article embedded from the Godzilla Wiki. Comic cover posted at ComiXology. Kaiju Force cover done by yours truly.

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