In the conclusion to my look at how I’d write the new Godzilla comic, it’s time to bring the villains. In the classic series, many of the monsters were either from space or controlled by aliens. Some were the result of more terrestrial pursuits and in the Heisei era were even created accidentally by efforts to destroy Godzilla.

While I still want some monsters created in that manner to shake things up a bit, I would write a recurring sub-plot involving aliens using monsters to attack the Earth. This is what would lead to the “Team Godzilla” scenario from yesterday. It make take a few arcs for that to happen or even to reveal the aliens’ influence in monster attacks. So how would this work? A tournament. Basically each alien gets to send a monster down in turn and attempt to take over the planet. Unfortunately for them the Earth already has a bunch of giant monsters running around, and there is where the conflict begins.

This of course brings the question of who the aliens are. Well, if IDW is getting access to the alien races along with the monsters, I can tell you what I would come up with.

For the purposes of this game, I’m excluding aliens who haven’t actually appeared in Godzilla movies. This excludes the Mysterians, for example, because while Moguera has been referenced, the Mysterians themselves have not appeared. (I’ve not even seen the movie, although I could do a Power Ranger/Sentai joke about now.) Otherwise I’m going through the aliens list at Wikizilla (the Godzilla wiki I’ve been swiping the images from for these articles–they have an embed code, for the record) and deciding how they’d work in my vision. I’ll also list which monsters would be under their charge (although only the ones I want to see, which was the point of this list to being with–I would probably use all I could if I actually were writing this) and which ones would just be Earth’s bad monsters.

The Vortaak

Don’t know who they are? Neither did I. Apparently they’re the aliens from the Atari games that are trying to destroy the Earth via Kaiju Mind Control TM, which for my story would make them the aliens behind the competition. While I suspect they might play a bigger role in the actual IDW comic (maybe they can’t get the Toho aliens, I really haven’t heard what part aliens will play), in my version they are the mediators between the other races. Should they break the rules or fail enough the Vortaak give up, they will have their own monsters to enact punishment. At some point they will indeed act, and it’s this waiting game that made me decide that they will have the various Ghidorahs at their disposal (King, Kaiser, Cretaceous, various mecha varieties, go look them up at the Godzilla Wiki). I know Ghidorah is the most popular of Godzilla’s opponents, but unlike the movies (which break out the top villain early–this is why I praise the Iron Man movies for NOT using the Mandarin just yet) I believe in saving the best for last, or when it would be most awesome.

Why hold this kind of tournament? Sport, but perhaps they have another agenda. I don’t want to say too much (although I do have this post on two sites as my evidence).

monsters in their charge: King Ghidorah, Mecha-Ghidorah, Desghidorah, Cretaceous Ghidorah…you get the idea

The Xiliens

I probably should have saved them for last, as they’ll have the most interesting non-battle events. Above are the residents of Planet X as depicted in the classic era (Invasion of the Astro-Monster, to be exact.) If you remember the group from part 1, they were the same guys, but from Godzilla: Final Wars. That’s how the younger generation dresses in my version, rejecting the standard garb. They will be trying to prove themselves and their “new way” to their elders, dressed as above. They’re frustrated that they don’t get a separate opportunity in the “round robin” style competition and instead must wait until the “second” attempt to do anything.

Their method in both movies was to take over mental control of the local monsters and I suspect that would be their MO here, thus they will be pulling from the “unaffiliated monsters” list. I also think the new generation will be secretly trying to mess with the other aliens after their turn fails, leading to conflict between the groups.

monsters in their charge: I think I would take all the lesser monsters and have them under their control. The Xiliens have had two appearances and except for Monster X, it usually involves controlling other monsters.

Black Hole Planet 3

Take a few minutes to stop laughing at the stupid helmet, and remember these guys are Planet of the Apes rip-offs. OK, good.

The only Toho aliens to have already shown up out of the movies (yes, the Xiliens were in that Godzilla Island TV show I still want to see really bad, but I’m talking about Dark Horse Comics), the BHP3 (this article’s go to be long enough) aliens have a bit more fleshed out. Their reason for competing is because their planet is being drawn into a black hole and that’s good motivation. Perhaps they’re even conflicted (in violation of their previous appearances) about it but feel they have no choice. As seen in the comic plus the fact that they created Mechagodzilla, they prefer to use machines. So in my version Titanosaur is actually a Kaiju android.

monsters in their charge: Titanosaur, Mechagodzilla, and probably some original ones since I don’t want to break out Mecha-G too soon.

M Space Hunter Nebula

An insectoid race, the Nebulas are the third race of competitors. They’re behind Gigan and the only other monster they’ve used is King Ghidorah (who hasn’t, the whore) so more original monsters would be brought in for these guys to play with…no, scratch that. Believing in cybernetics, they just keep sending out Gigan over and over with new upgrades. The truth is they don’t have anything else to work with. Like the Xiliens, the Nebulans have squandered their resources but haven’t been able to make up for it like they have. They also may be the most likely to work the “human infiltration” angle, trying to bypass the monsters and subjugate the world the old-fashioned way. This would give the humans a bit more do in the Nebulan storylines.

monsters in their charge: Gigan. Again and again and again….

The Kilaaks

From Destroy All Monsters, these ladies (who are actually space worms–it’s Japan) operated by also using kaiju monster control, and getting the humans as well. How would I use them? I’m not sure, maybe another disruptive force. (Perhaps one of them is seducing the “new generation” Xilien leader to shake things up. I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t “uncorrupt” one of these aliens to give the humans a surprise ally, but I’m also not sure how I’d use the Seatopians, if I would at all.) I haven’t really figured out their story in my story, but I’m listing them in case some fan thinks I forgot them. (See also: Seatopians. Also, the Futurians won’t be involved because I think we have enough trouble from space to worry about time travel.)

Based on this story, I might let the Kilaaks also play with the local Kaiju or create some original ones for them to play with, but otherwise if I use them they just like messing with the actual competitors.

So what about the Millenians? The Futurians? The Seatopians? I may or may not work them into the story. Since I’ll never write it, I suppose we’ll never know for sure. I think it’s time to get back to talking about things other than Godzilla and just see what. Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh have planned. It may be darn cool in their own way. This was originally about what and I wanted to see in the comic, but somehow it became me coming up with my own Godzilla universe. This is usually how my problems start. 🙂

In the meantime, Hulu have plenty of Godzilla goodness to keep us occupied until March. And if you’re a video reviewer, we have a spot open in the Godzilla video collaboration in the That Guy With The Glasses forum, which will be posted in movie release order (and hopefully with the reviewers permission, or you’re just getting a boring old link) at the Spotlight once the first movie finally gets reviewed. Think of it as free advertising.

{picture embeds again used from the Godzilla Wiki–they’re looking for contributors by the way}

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