My first entry in this series has long overstayed its welcome. In this second installment, it’s more about going the Family Ties route. One of the highest rated sitcoms of its time, the producers and not the network decided they couldn’t go any further with the show. Rather than continue on and watch the series decay it was decided to end on a high note. Geicko also knew when to end Cash, the Cavemen (which had one last card to play that helped them outlast the poorly received sitcom), and “bad news/good news” campaigns before they wore out their welcome.

GoDaddy. com, the domain registering site, stumbled into a genius marketing move, using the power of the internet to its advantage. (This makes sense for a business where the internet is their career.) However, I think they’ve gone as far as they can’t and if they haven’t jumped the shark yet it can at least see them coming.

Just after the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” incident of the 2004 Super Bowl had some huge fallout throughout televised and even radio media, mostly daytime offerings. Even Congress got involved (because they love to stick their noses into EVERY aspect of human existence) and held hearings. These hearings inspired this GoDaddy ad for Super Bowl 2005.

NOTATION: The codes featured at the ends of these ads may no longer be usable as they’re old commercials.

Amusing as it is, Fox (who apparently never screened the ad before the first showing) decided not to show it a second time, feeling that it was a bit to racy after last year’s incident. Thus a new marketing plan came about. Here are a couple of examples.

But what happens when you went to their site? Well, let’s take the first one, “Baseball”, since it’s sort of a sequel to the first one.

The biggest crime here isn’t being racy, it’s being stupid. It’s the end that kills it for me. Of course some of them turn out to be a trick.

My favorite is the “beaver” one, when they made fun of Britney Spears flashing her baby portal at a party. I’m sure you’ve heard about that, since the media WOULDN’T SHUT UP ABOUT IT FOR OVER A MONTH! Seriously, you’ll never see more straight girls and gay men obsessed over a vagina in your life.

But the fake out racy ad campaign is frankly getting old. The joke doesn’t work quite as well. Yes, I know this is advertising and “sex sells” and all that whogivesafig, but this year’s entry?

Yeah, I’m just going to spoil it and save you the time (unless you’re planning to use the service and want the discount code).

This is joined by singing off-key, dancing that make me look like Usher*, and guys who give men like myself (who is hardly a “feminist” but has more respect that the guys in this video) a bad name.

(*Actually, I’ve been told I’m a pretty good dancer. Granted we are not counting relatives, the ladies were probably drunk and the guys were probably ALSO drunk and trying to reduce the competition…)

When I crossposted my Super Bowl ad picks for this year at my fanblog space over at That Guy With The, someone asked me about the video announcing their new domain, You know, the ad with Joan Rivers. I have enough videos to kill anyone on a slow connection, so here’s a link. I haven’t bothered with the full version. Heck I wouldn’t have bothered with the other one for this year were it not for this article. However I will say that they should have saved the “big reveal” for version at the new site and I’m betting reports of editing are true because NOBODY wants to see Joan Rivers in a GoDaddy “outfit”. Not even Rivers herself. (Like she’s going to see this?)

Look, I’m not trying to slam GoDaddy, although if I never hear that theme song for a while I’ll be happy. When I start putting together sites for the expanded BW game plan I’ll be looking at their service. (That’s a long ways off, though.) I’m not even putting these ads up there with Slim Jim’s “spicy side” or Bob from Enzyte (I don’t think anything is that bad). I’m just saying it’s starting to get old and they should consider something new to focus on. Here’s one they’ve already broken out I’d root for.

And with all the trouble they went through making them, this really should be the new thing.

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  1. says:

    I’m all for freedom of speech, but those Go-Daddy commercials are stupid and a waste of time.

    They put women in the position of acting like ‘toys’ for guys to ‘play’ with, imo. Women are human beings too; sure, they have the right to be beautiful, but to the point where they spontaneously show off their breasts or get naked for men is pretty downgrading.


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