The Illuminati arrives at Tony's for Super Bowl Sunday.

Iron Man: Legacy#11

Marvel Comics (April 2011)

Want to know something fun, kids? Somebody forgot to put a credits page in this comic, or at least ensured I couldn’t find it. We know Fred Van Lente wrote it, and according to ComiXology’s solict, Philippe Briones penciled it and “Juan Doe” did the cover. Said cover includes the last names Huet and Rauch, so have fun with that.

The Illuminati gather to take on the Pride. Tony rescues Tamara and Tyree, but realizing the Pride will keep coming to get him, he makes a deal with the Pride’s leader: he’ll leave the Imperio and the Pride will leave their company alone. This means that Tony must break up with Tamara but insures that Tyree has the patent for the Smartbox. Unfortunately, Tyree is off his medication again and can’t enjoy his own success.

What they got right: The battle between the Illuminati and the Pride is action-packed and with some good moment. (Reed Richards and the Pride’s tech maker, I don’t know her name, being the best moments.) It’s a good balance of character and action all the way through. I also love the scene with Tyree trying to apologize to Tamara for his “crazy modes”.

What they got wrong: I’m happy to report I can’t list anything here.

Recommendation: Seldom can I not find even a minor nitpick. This is an Iron Man comic worth reading.

Barely passed the touching moment with Tyree and Tamera. Sometimes it depends on my mood at the time.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Sonic the Hedgehog #221

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