"Hey, there's the bird that pooped on my car. Get him!"

Love and Capes: Ever After #1

IDW Publishing (February 2011)

WRITER/ARTIST: Thomas F. Zahler
EDITOR: Denton Tipton

The honeymoon is over and now the finances kick in. With Mark’s lease almost up and Abby’s business landlord pushing up the rent, our heroes need a new place. Luckily the two situations end up with the same solution. Meanwhile, the Spencers spend time with Darkblade and Amazonia who have some big news of their own.

What they got right: Attention other writers–this is how you humanize a hero in a relationship! Sure this is a romantic comedy of sorts but there are elements in this series that lets us know how superheroes can interact without punching each other and be relatable.

What they got wrong: At some point I would like to see some good old-fashioned superhero vs. supervillain action in the series. (Although a peek at the website, where the comic is still going, shows there may be.)

Recommendation: If you’re not reading this comic, you’re doing something wrong or your just not a comedy/superhero reader.

I smiled.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Marvel Adventures Super Heroes V2 #11

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