Zemo throws the best parties, man. Woooooooo!

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4


Marvel Comics (April 2011)

WRITER: Christopher Yost
ARTISTS: Scott Wegener & Patrick Scherberger
COLORIST: Jean Francois Beaulieu
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
EDITORS: Nathan Cosby, Michael Horwitz & Jordan D. White

The Masters of Evil are able to take control of Ultimo and sends him against New York and the Avengers. Meanwhile, Wasp is trying to get the team to take a group photo.

What they got right: A full-length story? (Not counting character profiles.) About time. Having the artist who did back-up stories in the earlier issues still gets to flex his style by doing the Wasp’s pictures and while it still doesn’t quite match the other artist’s attempts to match the cartoon models it works better in this form. Also, Peter Parker cameo.

What they got wrong: So is Peter not Spider-Man in this universe? Does the cartoon have any plans for him with him being in the Avengers in the comics or is the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon make that hard. Also, would Janet actually take time to snap all those pictures when Ultimo and the Masters of Evil are attacking?

Recommendation: I wish the other two parts (I missed issue #1) were as good as this, but it’s still not the strongest Avengers story I’ve ever read. I still stay stick with the cartoon, maybe get the possible digest collection if you really want more.

"I'll send you a photo postcard, Jan."

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