“Buy our game.”

Advent Rising giveaway comic

DC Comics (2004)

WRITER: Lee Hammock
PENCILER: Billy Dallas Patton
INKER: Serge LaPointe
COLORIST: Thomas Mason
EDITOR: Jaye Gardner

Setting up the video game, we’re introduced to a group of humans making alien contact. The aliens can come to warn the species they apparently worship that another group called The Seekers were coming for them, but instead followed the envoys straight to them. The main character, Gideon Wyeth, goes to rescue his fiance, and that sets up the video game.

What they got right: As a giveaway set-up for the video game, it’s not bad. The art is good and you get a quick introduction to the plot of the game.

What they got wrong: Apparently the game, although I’ve never played it to have my own opinion. It’s been a while but I don’t recall Advent Rising getting a lot of favorable reviews, at least the ones I saw. (I think the problem wasn’t the game itself but some issues with bugs.) There may have been favorable ones, but the proposed trilogy never came to pass. The official website is still up and it appears to have not have been touched since 2005 as of this review. [UPDATE: 3/16/2020: The site is no longer active, but it was when I wrote the review.]

Recommendation: It’s a decent enough comic, but not one you have to go all out to find. Since it was supposed to set up the game there isn’t a whole lot of story.

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