One of the fun things about the “miscellaneous” section of forums is that someone will find something cool on the internet and post it. This happened at one of the forums I infest with a video of a “real-life Mario Kart” game. Looking to see what else they had posted, I learned that the video was created by Freddie Wong and his group of video effects enthusiasts. Apparently he’s already pretty popular, but if you haven’t seen these guys in action, now is your chance...because I needed something quick this week.

Let’s start with the video that brought him to my attention, “Real Life Mario Kart”.

The dude on the cloud? That’s Freddie Wong, former professional Guitar Hero competitor (yes, professional video gaming is real and it uses rhythm games) and current VFX powerhouse. The man has some mad skills, yo! (God, I’m white.) I mean, he has his own Portal gun.

He can control the flow of time better than Zach Morris ever could.

He brings new meaning to the term “one-man band”.

He controls fire!

Finally, here is his collaboration with extreme cooking show Epic Meal Time.

But how does he do it?

A good message to us all. You can see more of Wong and his team of awesome at his official YouTube page, see behind-the-scenes footage and tutorials (strongly encouraged) at his other official page, and the team’s website. Check these videos out because they’re awesome and stuff.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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