You all know Zack Snyder‘s work. He did 300.

He did Watchmen.

His latest movie is called “Sucker Punch“, about an abused girl who escapes into an alternate reality.

Who keeps creating nut houses insane asylums like that? Is this the same architect behind Arkham? Why does this guy keep finding work?

Anyway, not my type of movies (although I might be talked in to joining a group seeing Sucker Punch if I had the funds and extra time) but beautiful looking films. Still, rather dark to put on the new Superman movie…except “dark” is what the people behind the movie thinks will work after Batman’s theatrical successes. They’re dead wrong, as Superman IS NOT BATMAN!

What you wouldn’t expect, however, is that someone know for a hyperactive realism that MIGHT be a benefit to a theatrical Superman film is looking to go low-key. So much for the only thing he would have gotten right.

In a recent interview with science fiction news site, Snyder sat down with reporter Alasdair Wilkins to discuss Sucker Punch and Superman. What he said about his take on the Man of Steel does not make me happy about what is to come.

Are you trying to fit Superman into your aesthetic, or change your approach to fit the Superman mythos?

I feel like, I mean I’ve said to the studio that this will probably be the most realistic Superman movie ever made. It takes place in the real world much more than [my previous films]… I mean, I’ve just never had the subject matter that needed that, you know what I mean? Like everything I’ve done up to this point really has the benefit of existing in a stylized world. It’s fun for me that the most realistic movie, the movie that I’d say I’m making in the most realistic way of any movie I’ve ever done is a movie called Superman! That’s kinda fun!

“A movie called Superman“. That’s an odd approach to a cultural icon, don’t you think? It’s like making a movie called Godzilla, and G-Fans still feel pain when the name Roland Emmerich is mentioned. A realistic Superman? They tried that. They called it Hancock, ending aside. They’re also doing it in comics. They called it Irredeemable. I still don’t see what is so realistic about anything Superman’s been involved with, even with today’s writers.

Instead of “realistic” they should be going for “believable”. This is an alien, raised on Earth, who is solar-powered and flies around in indestructible spandex punching dinosaurs, fighting alien legions, and running from green, glowing rocks and Harry Potter. I think realistic left the building hours ago.

So you’re working from what Christopher Nolan has done with the Batman movies?

I wouldn’t say, “Oh, that’s what Chris did with Batman…”, but I’m just saying that makes sense to me for the character. Because I’d say that the thing that makes him real, and the thing that makes Superman awesome, is if you feel like he’s real, what makes him real is that he exists in a world that you can say, “Oh yeah, I’ve been to that grocery store, I’ve been to that.”

Can somebody translate that for me? I always thought what made him awesome was that he was that he had great power and used it to help people…and fight bad guys. I’m not asking to go Silver Age here (I doubt any writer in Hollywood could pull that off without blowing movie-goers minds or coming off as a bad parody–Land of the Lost, anybody?) However, what I’m asking for may be beyond the powers of live-action, something more like the 90’s cartoon or even the Ruby-Spears production if they have the guts. (Although I think the Warner version, while not my favorite, was the best written.)

Snyder is then asked about the recent direct-to-video adaptation of All-Star Superman.

I have not seen it, I’m happy to see it, I do want to see it, I just haven’t had time. Yeah, absolutely. And by the way, I’m a fan of Grant, of All-Star Superman, I think it’s cool, although I’d say… that’s the big version of Superman, you know that’s a stylized world.

In other words, how Superman should be done. Granted I haven’t seen it either, but I want to, along with the recent Shazam! team-up.

We’re treating the concept of Superman as if there’s been no Superman movies up till now, we’re trying to take that tack — that this is the first Superman movie and no other ones exist. Not to take anything away from those movies, because they’re great, but it’s sort of the way you have to do it, otherwise you’re really not starting over, you’re really just a slave to whatever’s happened in the past.

I wish Brian Singer understood that.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t respect the canon and we don’t understand the canon, that we know what the requirements of Superman are without it also being the same old Superman.

Maybe, but “darker” and “realistic” are not the way to go. I agree that pretending this is the first ever Superman movie is the right idea, but looking at previous adaptations–and most importantly the source material–would give you a good idea on how what makes Superman Superman. I’m not sure anybody involved with this project does, but Christopher Nolan might be better off sticking with Batman. I’m not sure he or the director (Snyder) know what makes Superman work.

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