For this tournament I’ve been grabbing a comic at random and using it. I’m assuming next tournament will return to themes (only Spacebooger knows for sure), so this is it for random events.

For this one I decided to grab the Adventures of the Mask comic I’ll be reviewing tomorrow since it’s here in front of me anyway. I’ve crossposted this tourney to my blog space over at That Guy With The Glasses, which anyone can get. Hopefully if Inked Reality gets its own site like Blistered Thumbs did, I can get an article writing gig. I probably won’t do that for the next tournament, so those of you at TGWTG need to keep an eye on for more Fights. And feel free to use your TGWTG blogspace to join us already.

Anyway, based off of the animated series, here’s Walter and Pretorius fighting over who gets to kill the Mask.

Fight Life Bonus Round

The Battlefield: Adventures of the Mask #5 (Dark Horse Comics, May 1996) “A Head for Trouble”

The Promoters: Michael Eury (writer), Dev Madan (penciler), Ande Parks (inker), Clem Robins (letterer), and Matt Webb (colorist)

So long story short, Pretorius has gained weather powers (check tomorrow morning’s “Yesterday’s Comic” review to find out how) and Stanley’s vacation goes from bad to worse. Now the Mask is about to be destroyed by Walter…kind of.

(insert clichéd and annoying "ice" pun here)

Walter, who isn’t himself today, still pursues the Mask, and that doesn’t make his boss very happy.

"And a little something I got off of eBay."

If you haven’t seen the show, Pretorius’ robot body doesn’t usually do this. Also, go and watch the show. It’s fun and a half.

And you can get your own Walter for 500 payments of only $39.99.

Sorry, saving that revelation for tomorrow. 🙂 But I will show you what happens to Pretorius after the Mask calms Walter down.

If nature is the mother, who is supposed to be the father? That's never explained.

Destroyed by his own power source. Hey, if I can’t win a spot in the bonus round, shameless self-promotion will have to do. However, 12 entries made it into the Fight Life tournament, so do them a favor and…

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They put the effort into finding 12 of the best fights. Now they return with the Grand Championship, bringing one final battle to determine who will win the gift card. See, you should join us next tournament. Check Spacebooger’s for more details. He also has a comic strip. And pizza.*

(*may not actually have pizza)

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