If the Duel Masters anime was meant to be anything other than a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh even before the dubbers got their hands on it, I would be surprised. I tried watching it but I just couldn’t get into the show, no matter how good the intro is.

It must not be too popular a show, but I’m basing that on an inability to bring up too many intros, and couldn’t find the Japanese one, on YouTube.  It obviously has enough of a fan base to establish its own Wiki. Like Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters is based on a manga and card game. However, the Japanese version of Duel Masters features more sight gags and the US dub adds in fourth wall breaking jokes and others cliché comedy.

The intro has a good beat to it, and the visuals do a good job of introducing the concept as much as an intro can. That’s not to say that there aren’t faults, but while Conan The Adventurer (which was announced today as coming out on DVD) spends too much time telling you how awesome Conan is (and I do notice that I tend to pick on this intro a lot), this pretty much just tells you who Shobu is and what he does.

Humor aside, this is another one of those “card games/sports/insert game product placement here becomes a life & death battle to save the world” type shows. I’m really tired of those, although I have heard there’s actually an anime about a card battle game that is only about kids playing a card battle game. I really have to look into that one.

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