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Love & Capes: Ever After #3

WRITER/ARTIST: Thomas F. Zahler
EDITOR: Denton Tipton

Amazonia learns that Charlotte and Darkblade once dated and becomes concerned about their friendship. Meanwhile, Mark and Abby take time from setting up house to go to Abby’s high school reunion, where Abby runs across an ex she spurned and Mark has to step out when the Evil Brain targets the Crusader.

What they got right: Darkblade and Amazonia, or rather Paul and Zoe, get some time in the spotlight. They make as interesting a couple as Mark and Abby, who get spotlight time of their own. These are great characters, which makes for a great story.

What they got wrong: I would have liked to have seen the fight with the Evil Brain, but that’s the superhero fan in me talking. 🙂

Recommendation: If you’re not already following this series online or picking up these comics, it’s time you started.

Due to the selection this week, this is the only nominee for Best Scene of the Week, so watch it instantly win on Sunday. 🙂

And it wasn’t easy choosing one gag from this issue. There were a lot of good ones.

Tomorrow’s (old) Comic> Adventures of the Mask #10, and we should be finishing this series this week, since the next two days will be issues #11 & 12.


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