"Starscream, you were supposed to bring the marshmellows!"

Transformers: Rising Storm #3

IDW Publishing (April 2011)

WRITER: John Barber
ARTIST: Carlos Magno
COLORISTS: Aburtov & Graphikslava
EDITOR: Andy Scmidt
COVER “A” (shown): Brian Rood

As Prime is distracted by Starscream’s attempt to capture Brains, Shockwave attacks NEST HQ. Meanwhile, the sisters go after Starscream’s base of operations only to come across Soundwave and his mechanimal forces.

What they got right: When your story is going into action mode, it’s the little moments help the story. Galloway forgetting Knock Out’s name, Optimus worrying about Elita’s current state; these little moments may not seem like they mean much but they give a sense of reality to the situation.

What they got wrong: Then again, those same moments can feel out-of-place, like Sam coming across Carly (soon to be his new love interest in the next film) and the conversation they’re having in the middle of a war zone. And when did Sam visit the White House? Granted, the second movie was so long I missed a few scenes but I don’t recall that moment.

Recommendation: Barber seems to be improving in his take on the Transformers Movieverse between this and the other current prequel. We’ll have to see where that ends up.

This can't be a Movieverse battle. I can tell them apart too easily.

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