Summer vacation begins.

Young Justice #3

DC Comics (June 2011)

WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco
ARTIST: Mike Norton
COLORIST: Alex Sinclair
LETTERER: Carlos M. Mangual
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Michael McCalister
EDITOR: Jim Chadwich

Robin talks Aqualad and Kid Flash into going on a mission on their own without orders from Batman or getting Superboy and Miss Martian in trouble, to track down a group hunting down CEOs with ties to Cadmus. The next target is Selena Gonzalez, and the assassins are Hook and Black Spider from the League of Shadows. Our trio…do not fair very well.

What they got right: Robin wants the original trio to finally get a mission to themselves. All three are trainees of other heroes (Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman) so that is both their bond and their divider as all three are used to different styles. This is definitely early on in the show (no Artemis) as the comic uses the time between episodes (thanks to actual dates being used both on the show and in the comic) to tell their own stories and flesh out the characters.

What they got wrong: I can’t say any moment stood out for me, but none of it was bad. It’s one of those “take it as a whole” kind of comics.

Recommendation: An excellent companion piece to the show, and fans of one should really check out the other.

Up Next: Best Scene of the Week in tomorrow’s Weekly Wrap-Up.

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