What, you think only guys pull that stunt?

Yeah, I’m running a bit late tonight. I had some shopping to do this afternoon, including picking up actual Bristol Board to possibly use for the strip. (Click the comic for the behind the scenes page or head to the archive page and, well, click on the comic.) I also made a surprise purchase.

It happened to be on sale at Gamestop…for $30 bucks! The PC version usually goes for $50, so while it’s not the deal I picked up on the first Portal ($2, but Circuit City was sadly closing), it’s still awesome. However, with the blog and my paying job I won’t have a chance to boot it up and play it until at least Thursday. Thus is the sacrifice I make for my readers. I figure they suffer enough just being my readers. To that end, news!


  • A Lindsay Lohan bio-comic. Why?
  • Oh, I’ll get to the latest Superman fallout tomorrow.
  • While I think Ari’s being a bit harsh on Peter David, this issue of X-Factor is off on a few points.
  • A look at what went wrong with the New Teen Titans.
  • I’ll remind you on Thursday, but next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. I’ll be posting my thoughts over at the Twitter feed as I read through them. Check the link in the footer to see what’s coming out and try to guess at what I’m hunting down and which ones I’ll be able to find. 🙂


video games

in other news

  • A look at real and fictional mad scientists we seem to forget about: the female ones!
  • Looks like we’re done hunting aliens. SETI will be shutting down the huge dishes. Begin taking bets on how it will be before our new alien overlords arrive.
  • Do you agree with the list of the 10 greatest sci-fi handguns? I can think of a few Power Ranger weapons they didn’t take a look at.
  • The Clutter Reports: The last step before going through my video games is to make sure my NES Cleaning Kit still works after all these years. Game reviews coming soon.
  • This Week’s Cracked: As a writer you have to be careful about what you write. What you meant as a work of fiction may join Jaws, the Dick & Jane franchise, and Dr. “I’m not that” Spock in creating 6 Hugely Popular Books That Accidentally Screwed The World.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Sonic Universe #27

OK, folks, you’ve had the new theme for a week. Any thoughts?

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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