Yes, I know I was supposed to have a retro comic review up this afternoon, and no I’m not blaming it on the allergies. I’m cleaned out enough to do stuff. And that’s the delay, possibly to tomorrow or Sunday if not next time I have a space open. With Free Comic Book Day coming up, it is way past time that I started organizing my comic collection so I can cut it down to something more manageable. You can see the results Sunday over at The Clutter Reports, but I’m taking time out to make this week’s FNF.

With Thor about to hit theaters it would make sense to grab him for this week’s contribution, but I have no way to continue the intended transition. I don’t really own a lot of Thor stories and I don’t want to be stuck with Spidey or Rhino again. However, I can make the transition I want with Captain America, and here he is fighting alongside the Rhino.

Come again?

Repeat Rehash Revenge round 5

The Battlefield: Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Vol 2. (unofficially) #5 (Marvel Comics, October 2010)

The Promoters: Paul Tobin (writer), Chris Cross (penciler), Rick Ketcham (inker), Sotocolor (catering, what do you think they did with that name?) and Dave Sharpe (letterer)

Hydra kidnaps a baby rhino in order to make an army of rhino-powered soldiers. The capital-R Rhino doesn’t want to see the poor little guy to get hurt and calls in the Avengers. Only Captain America responds. I’m just going to pop up the two pages. I have a lot of work to do before Saturday and I do have some lingering allergy issues. Plus I want to eat tonight.

They make a surprisingly good team, don’t they? So which one comes back next week, the horn-headed villain or the star-spangled hero? Tune in next week and find out. Until then…

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