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Super Dinosaur #1

Image Comics (April 2011)

[never thought you’d see me review an Image comic without G-Man, did you?]

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
(they also created Super Dinosaur)
LETTERER: Rus Wooton
EDITOR: Sina Grace

After a very brief introduction to Super Dinosaur and his teammate Derek Dynamo (and Derek’s robot, Wheels), as well as the back-story with their enemy, Max Maximus, we get right into seeing what SD does best, punching dinosaurs with his robot harness. When the harness is damaged in the fight, the gang gets a repair crew, a husband and wife team with two daughters around Derek’s age. Erica doesn’t want to be there, but Erin seems ecstatic by her new situation. The harness isn’t ready when a member of a third column rescues the dinosaurs SD and Derek captured in the first fight. Then Derek’s father’s secret is finally Derek’s father.

What they got right: Everything from concept onward. Seriously, what is there not to love about his comic? It’s a T-Rex in a battlesuit who battles evil dinosaurs with a teenage genius who has a robot sidekick that works like a superspeedy Segway. If you’re not already sold, you’re a very sad person. And since this is an all ages title, the rather bloody parts that kept me way from Kirkman’s other works, like Invincible, won’t be present here, and yet he and artist/co-creator Jason Howard may well have outdone themselves.

What they got wrong: Every party has its pooper, and this one is named Erica. Either she’s going to be complaining about how much she hates it, unwittingly catching Derek’s eye and starting a love triangle with Erin (a better love interest if you ask me) or end up joining one of the other factions in hopes of getting home, probably just an arc or two and feel bad about it later. Either way, I think I’m going to hate this character.



Seriously, I really want this to succeed.

Best Scene of the Week? This is in the running for Best Scene EVER!

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