Later, Mokey got Cantus to sign his latest CD.

Fraggle Rock V2 #3


Archaia (April 2011)

LETTERER: Deron Bennett
CONSULTING EDITORS: Joe LeFavi & Paul Morrissey
COVER “B” (shown) Lindsay Cibos

While it came out a few weeks later than announced, the final issue of this volume is finally out. Like before, there are three stories and I’ll review them separately.

Katie Cook takes story and art chores on “My Gift Is My Song”, with Joanna Estep on colors. Boober is having trouble deciding what to get Mokey for her birthday and everything he thinks of are taken. Even the Trash Heap is uncharacteristically unhelpful. Luckily, Cantus and his group are passing through and their advice helps Boober find the perfect gift for Mokey. Cantus is my favorite recurring character from the show, but like I’ve said in my review of the Muppet Show comics, musical moments are lost in a non-audio media like comics, and music is a huge part of Cantus’s character. The art isn’t bad at all but the style doesn’t work with me and I would call it the weakest of the three. Where the segment succeeds is the story. The Trash Heap aside, the characters act as they should and it’s a touching enough story.

Katie Strickland writes the next one, “Shopping With Silly Creatures”, which is the Traveling Matt story and you know I love those. Lindsay Cibos is on art for this one as Matt finds a laundromat, and hilarity ensues. Not much to say there, but the best art of the three.

Paul Morrissey takes story duties for the final tale, “Red’s Chomp-A-Thon”, with Nichol Ashworth on art. Not wanting to be left out of a competition, Red follows up a Doozer contest for best construction with an eating contest to eat them up. It’s a fun story and the artwork is good, plus it has the first comic appearance of Wembley’s girlfriend, Lou.

I really hope that Archaia not only continues with a third volume, but that it becomes an ongoing. This comic is a great continuation of the series, and fans should be looking for it. It’s also available in trade form (Volume 1 is out, Volume 2 should be out soon.)

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