Probably be big in Japan

Somebody in the entertainment industry better do something stupid fast, because I only have two filler strips left in my thumbnail pile. What you say, Smallville had their series finale this week? Why am I supposed to care again? It’s not like I gave a slag about the show after the third or fourth season. I don’t know, they kind of blur for me, the season that gave us poor renditions of Aquaman and Cyborg. I’m not even sure I caught not-Green Arrow’s debut.

You know how occasionally I remind you that clicking on the comic will bring up the behind-the-scenes page or that I have an archive page now? Well, this time art fans may or not be interested in the change in paper. When I can get my characters looking more the way I want on receipt paper (and no, that’s not what I used), it is time to change my paper. For the rest of you, here’s two weeks of news, to make up for not having any during last week’s Free Comic Book Day report.

UPDATE I put together a video of me testing the new paper, just for the heck of it. It’s a drawing of Jake, the character I’ve been most disappointed in how he turned out after a drawing. Considering drawing Jake led to this comic, that double bugs me.

And now that news update.



video games

  • How Mega Man’s daddy broke Capcom’s rules to further the company.
  • Ralph Baer’s tech skills didn’t just help him invent video games, they helped kick Nazi butt. Now there are plenty of video games where you kick Nazi butt. It’s fate.
  • How a civil war at Disney led to the creation of Dragon’s Lair and founded an animation studio. Also, I didn’t know that (spoiler) was the voice of Borf in Space Ace. Neat.

in other news

  • Did you get to be in “Weird” Al’s latest music video? I’d love to hear about that experience.
  • A cure for cancer exists? I need proof, folks, then the world needs said cure! Actually, read on to the comments for that article, apparently it’s debatable.
  • The Clutter Reports: That untranslated manga review I had planned the same week the tsunami happened finally gets posted. Seriously, the day it hit I was about to write the review, and decided it was better to wait, since I’m not holding on to any of them.
  • This Week’s Cracked: I could have sworn I did this one already, but I couldn’t find it and I am coming off an allergy assault that messed with my thought patterns. So if you think Inception was original, that Indiana Jones did it first, or that comic writers can beat scientists to the punch, then you should check out 5 Amazing Things Invented by Donald Duck (seriously). And now I’m sure I directed you towards it. Stupid allergies. Still getting rid of a cough, and I have to miss my parents’ anniversary dinner.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Super Dinosaur #1

Could there be any other choice?

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