They're even creepier in the comic.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3

IDW Publishing (May 2011)

WRITERS: Eric Powell & Tracy Marsh
PENCILER: Phil Hester
INKER: Bruce McCorkingdale
COLORIST: Ronda Pattison
COVER “A” (shown): Eric Powell
COVER “B”: Jeff Zornow
EDITORS: Carlos Guzman & Chris Ryall

In France, twin girls show not only psychic powers but a lean towards being evil. Meanwhile, Angurius encounters rednecks, Godzilla stomps around Korea, and a small group of people (including a pop star) rally to support monsters. When an egg appears on the French shore, it doesn’t contain Mothra, but some familiar tiny ladies make an appearance.

What they got right: The main story, with the monsters and the creepy girls are very interesting, and I wish they were the story instead of the what the civilians are doing. Plus the monsters finally get their official names and a cameo by two familiar non-monsters.

What they got wrong: The stereotypes continue to flow. We have a Lady Gaga knockoff called “Girly Yaya” who sings a song called “I Want Your Sweatpants” (leave the parodies to “Weird Al”, guys) and dresses in a costume that resembles a crucified Godzilla, yet still shows off her cleavage. And that’s an improvement over her egg costume. Then you have an Asian Kayne West, rednecks, and why is this stereotype addiction limited to the US? The other countries, even the Korean border, contains more normal people.

Recommendation: Ignore the human characters and focus on the girls and the monsters. They’re the reason to read this comic.

If only all the bad stereotypes in this comic went down this way.

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