Superman has been a hot topic this week, but I wanted to remember one of the good Superman stories. If you were ask me who my favorite Superman writers are, I’d probably surprise you by adding Scott McCloud to the list. Now, I don’t know if he ever wrote one of the mainline stories, but he worked on Superman Adventures, based on the Bruce Timm cartoon. If the Fleischer/Famous Studios version is my favorite animated Superman, I would still say that the “DC Animated Universe” wrote the best Superman stories. Tonight, as an entry to the Grand Championship (that means that if you vote for me this time I win stuff), I back up my claims as Superman takes on Zod’s stand-in where the competitors are playing size games.

Now the rule for the Championship edition is to use the fighter that you won a round with. Well my fight featured Superman vs. a wife beater, and since he isn’t seen again, we go with the Man of Steel.

Repeat Rehash Revenge: CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND!

The Battlefield: Superman Adventures #8 “All Creatures Great and Small” part 2 (DC Comics, June, 1997)

The Promoters: Scott McCloud (writer), Rick Burchett (penciler), Terry Austin (inker), Marie Severin (colorist), Lois Buhalis (letterer) and Mike McAvennie (editor)

Long story short and continuing from the previous issue, Jax-Ur has grown super-huge while Superman is the size of and action figure and Mala, Jax-Ur’s loyal lackey is normal size. Jax-Ur has swallowed the size-altering ray. So how is Superman going to get it back?

Turns out he has great teeth.

That’s right folks…

Tastes like Kryptonian chicken.

The next two pages are presented without comment, because it may be too awesome to caption.

Bob Haney’s spirit lives on….

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