I wasn’t paying a lot of attention last week. I just noticed this was in my drafts, which means it didn’t post last week. Oops.

Cap sends a warning to the filmmakers.

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes V2 #16

Featuring Captain America

Marvel Comics (September, 2011)

[reprint of Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up #2]

INSPIRATION: Len Wein & Gil Kane
SCRIPT: Tod Dezago
PENCILER: Lou Kang (insert Mortal Kombat joke here)
INKER: Pat Davidson
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
COLORS: Digital Rainbow
EDITOR: John Barber
CONSULTING EDITORS: Mackenzie Cadenhead & Ralph Macchio
Here’s something interesting: the credits have been altered to mark Alex Alonso as the current Editor-In Chief while the EIC of the time of the original printing, Joe Quesada, is marked in his current Chief Creative Officer role. This is a reprint!

Spider-Man ends up getting himself drawn into Captain America’s mission to keep the Super Soldier Serum out of AIM’s hands. AIM sends the Grey Gargoyle to collect a portion of the formula. However, the whole thing is a trick and AIM and the Grey Gargoyle are the suckers.

What they got right: For whatever reason, Tobin was again unable to continue his work on the title, so we get another reprint and it’s a pretty good story, recounting the first team-up of Cap and Spidey. As I recall, the Marvel Age line were modern, all-ages retellings of old stories.

What they got wrong: Too bad nowhere does this say so. Tobin has been creating some actual continuity and just recently between the two “Marvel Adventures” titles by having Chat team with Captain America last issue. I’m pretty sure Spider-Man and Captain America have teamed up in Tobin’s stories (or in Spidey’s own title) already, making this a bit confusing if you didn’t know it was a reprint from a completely different continuity. Also, Cap’s eye holes (on his mask) are too big.

Recommendation: A good story that’s worth reading, but remember it’s not in continuity.

Tomorrow’s Comic> Misadventures of Adam West #1, this time for sure.


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