Only somewhat happens this issue, but still better than most comic covers.

Kirby: Genesis #2

Dynamite Entertainment (2011)

WRITER: Kurt Busiek
ARTISTS: Jack Herbert & Alex Ross
COLORIST: Vinicius Andrade
LETTERER: Simon Bowland
EDITOR: Joseph Rybrandt
STORY: Busiek & Ross

While chasing the strange being in hopes they can explain the madness in general and Bobbie’s possession by Midnight Swan in particular, Kirby and Jake run into a Sasquatch being chased by robots who take both it and Kirby prisoner. Meanwhile, Bobbie/Swan fights being taken over, summoning the previous Swan’s allies. Jake comes across the Silver Star when he stumbles on a battle between two groups of aliens and sees Bobbie/Swan under the control of one of Star’s enemies, Darius Drumm.

What they got right: The artwork continues to amaze and the action is indeed…actiony? New word? This time it’s Jake that gets to talk to the audience and while you might think it’s a distraction that breaks the story, it actually allows you to know the characters better. I hope Bobbie breaks from the Swan persona long enough to explain herself.

What they got wrong: Still too many characters all at once. Outside of Kirby, Bobbie, and Jake I don’t care about these people. I knew Kirby’s Marvel work (And it turns out his cartoon work, like Thundarr The Barbarian) better, and only by reputation. I don’t know any of these characters that were produced independently or never saw the light of day. I still think a slower build-up would have been a better idea.

Recommendation: Overall I still have a positive outlook on this story and I know characters are getting one-shot specials which I hope fleshes them out better to make up for the overload in the main title. Give it a look.

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