Here’s the timeline as I remember:

  1. A teaser is put out that the death of Spider-Man is coming
  2. We learn it’s going to be Peter Parker, but of the Ultimate Universe
  3. We learn how he dies, killed by the Green Goblin, well before the comic comes out (nice job, guys..why not tell us what “rosebud” means and the secret of Darth Vader?)
  4. We learn there will be a new Spider-Man, which means all that talk about a world without a Spider-Man will be an interesting story…will last about a month
  5. We get a shot of New Spidey without his mask
  6. The internet falls apart
  7. At BW HQ, ShadowWing Tronix takes a nap

Yeah, truth is on this one, I…just don’t care.

Meet Miles Morales, who will be taking over as the new Spider-Man only one month after the old one dies, at least in real world time. Miles is half black and half Hispanic. This is apparently a big deal. I don’t care. Rumors that he might also be gay have been shot down. I don’t care.

Why don’t I care? Because let’s be honest, people. Does death matter anymore? Really? You know who else was supposed to be dead? The Green Goblin. You know, the guy who kills Peter Parker (unless this was a new Goblin and nobody told me). Plus, much like the guys behind the main titles, the guys behind the Ultimate Universe have already shown us how little they care about the characters and the world their creating, a world just shy of being Marvel’s answer to DC’s Tangent Comics specials. Or Battlestar Namesake, had the character actually been at least some version of the original rather than slapping names on any character they feel like.

There’s also Ultimatum, the multi-part event that killed a whole ton of people, including the Ultimate X-Men and the Wasp (who was eaten by the Blob). The Hulk was also shown at times to be a horny cannibal and I’m not sure how that works. I’ve got little interest in the Ultimate Universe beyond the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, which I still can’t play through because I’m psychologically incapable of playing as Ultimate Venom, which kind of makes progressing through his levels difficult. Frankly, I usually just swing around New York when I’m bored.

"I win I win I wiiiiin"

But I would like to address some of the comments I’ve heard about New Spidey because this is also a racial hotbed. (Is there any other way for races to communicate anymore?) Of course people connect this to Donald Glover. I’ve already covered why having him play Peter Parker in the upcoming movie would have been stupid. But here’s a Spidey he could play, even if he’s only half the part. I’m not sure he or his fans have that much influence, but if you want to say the change was motivated by political correctness you could actually make part of the case (although ask DC how well that went over, or the reverse backlash when the Bad Fanfic Brigade decided to bring back their old favorites and toss aside the new guys). Mostly because I think they’re that stupid, but you’re not helping your case when you drop a new Spidey on us only a month after killing off the old one. I will say, however, that it may only affect what they decided to do with the new guy and not the same motivation DC had when they brought in Kyle as the new Green Lantern and Jaime as the new Blue Beetle. Like I said in the Glover article, why no Ultimate Prowler?

There’s still the question of why they played musical masks to be asked. Peter Parker is the Spider-Man we all know. (Although considering how Ultimate works, they could have used Miguel O’Hara. How many half Hispanic/half Irish characters are there in comics? Although the Irish are not one of the “chosen races” of the hard left, which is why I’d concede the PC angle when it comes to who the new Spidey would be.) To suddenly kick him out in favor of a new one for any reason is going to be met with anger by Spider-Fans, even Ultimate ones. At least Miguel’s Spider-Man was in the (alternate) future of 2099. This is modern-day Peter. Of course, this is also alternate universe Peter, which means you still have the main series, video games, Marvel Adventures, and the newspaper strip (the only bastion for the pro-Spider-Marriage group). Peter will still be around there, giving the Ultimate version a chance to be Spider-Man Beyond. My first Iron Man comic had Rhodey trying to come to terms with living in the shadow of his predecessor without people knowing it’s the same guy. I’d like to see that again.

The other problem is this:

If someone can find a better quality trailer I can post, please point it out to me. I couldn’t find it. Anyway, there’s a new cartoon coming. This has the question out there as to which Spider-Man will be in the new cartoon. If it’s Peter, this is a bad marketing idea, unless (like Captain America when the movie drew near) Peter is found alive and resumes the role, making this story pointless unless Miles does become Ultimate Prowler. If the new cartoon stars Miles, only kids who know nothing of Spider-Man (and considering the movie that’s coming out, and Disney XD shows all of the old Spidey toons at one point or another) aren’t going to be very confused or disappointed. Either way, there’s a backfire coming from this, which could screw up a potentially interesting character and that’s rather sad.

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  1. I admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for “legacy hero” stories (yeah, I even enjoyed the Phantom Movie) so I’m not totally against some of these alternate universes exploring things. Particularly that of other people picking up the mantle of Spider-man.

    The crossover with him and 616 Peter was – I admit – kind of heartwarming.

    And it’s at least better than the “doc Ock as Spidey” stories we’re getting in the main universe now. *shudder*


  2. […] my opinion on Miles. When he was Peter’s replacement in the Ultimate universe (and I still believe this happened after Donald Glover voiced a desire to play Spider-Man…not […]


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