"Parachutes. I knew we forgot something."

I’m still getting used to the new scanner. The cover images will be of various sizes until I adjust.

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes V2 #17

featuring: Hawkeye & Black Widow (in separate stories)

Marvel Comics (October, 2011)

WRITER: Paul Tobin
PENCILERS: Ronan Cliquet, Marcio Takara, & Amilcar Pinna
INKERS: Amilton Santos, Marcio Takara, & Amilcar Pinna
COLORS: Sotocolor
LETERER: Dave Sharpe
PRODUCTION: Manny Mederos
COVER: Barry Kitson & Val Staples
EDITOR: Rachel Pinnelas
SENIOR EDITOR: Steve Wacker.

Two tales in this comic. One has Hawkeye and Tony battling the Iron Man armor under the control of the Mad Thinker. In the second, Black Widow is sent to protect someone, but isn’t being told why. She’s not happy about that last part.

What they got right: Both stories are action packed and fun. (I lean more towards the Hawkeye/Iron Man story, “Rabid Dog” as being the more enjoyable.)

What they got wrong: I can easily find worse art but the people in Black Widow’s story seemed almost expressionless, except for Black Widow who occasionally looks ticked off (understandable considering what she’s dealing with). In the first story’s case they look a bit exaggerated but otherwise better than the first story.

Recommendation: A good read that’s worth getting your hands on.

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