So politics as usual, then.

Darkwing Duck #15

Kaboom! (August, 2011)

WRITER: Ian Brill
ARTIST: James Silvani
COLORIST: Lisa Moore
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Christopher Burns
ALTERNATE COVER: Sabrina Alberghetti

Launchpad decides to run for mayor himself, believing Darkwing should remain a superhero. However, other parties, like more supervillains and their political rival, Constance, plus the reveal of Suff-rage. The villainess first tries bringing out some of Darkwing’s minor recurring villains, the re-united DW and Launchpad must deal with a new threat–the citizens of St. Canard under Suff-rage’s power!

What they got right: I had my doubts going into this story, but perhaps because of the villaness (who I would have pegged as Constance) and the appearance of the minor ranks of Darkwing’s rogues gallery, it all works out.

What they got wrong: “Suff-rage”? Really? That’s the best you’ve got?

Recommendation: Kaboom! will soon be losing the license on this title, which is a major shame. Pick up this issue and I’m betting you’ll agree with me.

I left the second part in there in case you need it, but out of context it's still funny.

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