"OK, where's the enemy?"

Mega Man Gigamix V2

Udon Entertainment (July, 2011; originally published in Japanese, 2010, Wedge Holdings)

WRITER/ARTIST: Hitoshi Ariga
ASSISTANTS: Yusuke Suzuki; Tama Tsuchiya, You Muraoka, Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Tetsuki Suzuno, 348 (seriously, he/she is even called that in the afterword)
TRANSLATION: M. Kirie Hayashi
LETTERER: Marshall Dillon

Only one story, split into two chapter, because that’s how Japan does things. A robot breaks out of the asteroid from the last volume and seeks to destroy “all evil in the universe”, and targets Wily. Even Mega Man can’t allow the level of slaughter he’s putting down, but defeating this robot unleashes a nightmarish robot force called “Stardroids”, who plan to destroy the entire planet, forcing heroes and villains to work together.

What they got right: Hero and villain working together to stop a worse evil has to be a trope by now. This means you better be good at pulling the story off. Maybe it’s the time that large manga volumes allow for, but Ariga pulls it off, although it ends on a cliffhanger so the future in uncertain. The art is also up to his usual high quality.

What they got wrong: Nothing. I have no complaints about this story.

Recommendation: If you can’t get enough Mega Man or you enjoy a good robot action story, this is definitely worth the price.



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