I'm sure there are air holes in the back. Maybe.

Not really a whole lot to say about this week’s comic. Not a whole lot to say in general, really. So let’s just get right into the wrap-up.


  • Scene from the last Justice League of the previous DC Universe gets meta.
  • The New DCU Wonder Woman comic will go for horror rather than superhero. It’s a horror alright, just not the way they mean.
  • The Justice Society of America will return, and they’re bringing Earth 2 back with them! Now if they can just do the same thing with the Captains Marvel and Earth-S (or just resume Billy Batson with Baltazar, Franco, and Norton) and I’ll be a happy guy.
  • Superman was almost published…by Marvel! Now DC is just ripping them off, which considering Marvel ripped them off recently could be payback if it doesn’t ruin what made DC comics different and special.


  • Robert Downey Jr discusses Iron Man 3‘s new director. I hope this goes better than X-Men 3.
  • Pixar announced some new movies, including one with dinosaurs and a bit more about Brave, which I’m really looking forward to.
  • I/O9 discusses the Avengers sneak preview from Disney’s D23 expo. (Spoilers)
  • Is there anything actually controversial about The Help? I actually haven’t seen it, although it’s one of those rare historical fiction pieces I was actually curious about.
  • David Letterman received a jihad death threat for remarks made on his show. He took it well. Meanwhile, competitor Craig Ferguson had an anthrax scare. I’d say put your talk show host anger where it belongs, but George Lopez won’t be around much longer.
  • Over at Teen Nick’s 90’s repeats, Doug and Clarissa Explains It All will be replaced by Hey Arnold and…Rocko’s Modern Life? Rocko? Seriously, Nick, have your lost your minds? Again? You’re replacing Clarissa Darling with that piece of nightmare? I have one of Rita Repulsa’s headaches! And they’re keeping Keenan & Kel, which I didn’t care for but I wouldn’t call it bad, and All That, the only smart move. (Although I thought Hey Arnold had it’s moments, I never got into it.)
  • No link here, but The Real World is still going on?
  • Jamie Lee Curtis to guest-star on NCIS.
  • Personally I disagree with two items on I/O9’s list of things they want Hollywood to stop doing. I like a little cheesiness in my superhero shows, and just because Bay did a questionable job with Transformers doesn’t mean that toy concepts in movie are bad. Just that Hollywood keeps screwing it up!
  • So why aren’t superhero movies doing better?

video games

in other news

  • Just how bad was that recent earthquake in Virginia and how did it happen in an area not know for earthquakes?
  • The benefits of technology for short fiction publications.
  • Memories of the Borders bookstore chain. Sadly, they bought out Waldenbooks so I’m loosing a few good places to find books. All that’s left around here are Barnes & Noble, plus one small bookstore I’m aware of that never seems to be open when I’m in the area.
  • The Clutter Reports: Well, you just saw it yesterday, actually. It’s the debut of a video article series at The Clutter Reports called Video Game Clutter. It’s just an overview of the gaming formats that I’ll be going over, to trim my video game collection they way I do the other stuff. Next time will be an actual video game review.
  • This Week’s Cracked: The last three entries in Seanbaby‘s The 6 Worst Marvel Cartoons of All Time stars Ben Grimm. This is sure to break a little stuffed bull’s heart.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #6

This fight should have been more awesome! Why wasn't it?

Yes, I’m still upset that Mechagodzilla went down so easily, but the build-up was at least awesome enough to beat Rory on a robot dinosaur while wearing a cowboy suit and bearing Excalibur. It’s frickin’ Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

Wow, there were a lot of links this week, weren’t there? That’s because I finally had time to go through and clear out my build-up of e-newsletters on entertainment. Now I just need to catch up to the other e-mail stuff and I’ll be rid of that for the time being. Then I can start my RSS feeds. I’ve got a loooooooooooooooong way to go, folks.

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