Jonny Quest

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Jonny Quest is one of those classic animated series that even Hanna-Barbera’s usual detractors don’t point at with scorn. (Well, maybe the 80’s remake and I haven’t heard any opinions on The “Real” Adventures.) It was also one of the first cartoons to air in Prime Time, not Saturday morning. (Take that, Simpsons and assorted not-action, comedy Simpson wanna-bes!) I know the owners of my local comic store look fondly on it. The story follows the title character, who was maybe 10 or 12, his scientist father Benton, bodyguard Race, Jonny’s dog, Bandit, and friend Hadji, as they get drawn into numerous adventures. The opening itself is well-remembered.

Which brings us to this video (since it’s Labor Day and I want to take it easy–despite having to work today).  Thanks to an article at Comics Alliance, I found out about this cool little recreation of the opening, using stop motion figures instead of drawn animation. It’s good work, check it out for yourself.

First, we should see the original, to compare it. I was hoping to find a copy that didn’t have foreign dubbing of the character names (funny as Bandit’s name sounds), but someone decided that other copies should be muted because of copyright issues. You Tube makes no sense sometimes.

Now compare that to the stop-motion version.

Very nice. Happy Labor Day, and watch out for giant spider eyeball robots.

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