"Look, I said was sorry. I didn't know your bone was buried there!"

Transformers #25

IDW Publishing (September, 2011)

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Brendan Cahill
COVER A (shown): Marcelo Matere
COVER B: Brendan Cahill
COLORIST: Joana Lafuente
COVER COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman

Prowl thinks there’s a connection between the “Megatron guns” and the leader of the anti-Transformers movement among the humans. However, Ultra Magnus wants him to continue his investigation of Spike, who is targeted by the Decepticon Breakdown. While Streetwise helps Prowl stop Spike, he may have broken his cover and made Spike suspicious.

What they got right: I suppose wrapping up this loose thread on Earth, although if the title of the arc, “The Last Story On Earth” (although the inside calls the arc “Police Action”) is to be believed they will be leaving Earth permanently. I do like the art, and the “robots in disguise” bit seeing proper usage again.

What they got wrong: So we’re going to leave Earth with humans still hating Autobots and set the series in space? Despite the praise I gave All Hail Megatron, IDW hasn’t gotten this right once.

Recommendation: It’s not so much a badly written story as much as just not right for Transformers. This is probably a bad time to jump into the series. I’d wait to see what the new “status quo” is going to be first.

"This guy was double-parked across two handicapped spot." "Oh, carry on then."


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