Last night we took a look at what science fiction/fact website IO9 wanted to see in a Star Wars remaster, with the Blu-Ray edition coming out. Tonight I thought I’d throw in what I’d like to see. Now “Han shot first” is a given, because that’s the kind of guy he was when we met him, before three movies of character growth. These are the changes I would add or return to the movie. This isn’t “my movie” or “my vision” so Lucas is welcome to do what he wants, really. I don’t think “pleasing Tronix” is part of his vision, but if for some reason it did, this is what I’d like to see in both the movie and in the franchise as a whole. I’m also using some images from Wookipedia to save me a little time.

I can totally see the strings.

Bring back the models

CG is nice, and probably cheaper than building miniatures of the vehicles portrayed. However, there’s a lot to be said about how miniatures look more realistic. I believe for Star Trek: Voyager, they scanned an actual model of the ship into the computer, and then manipulated the model. This would be better than doing everything digitally. Lucas created Industrial Light & Magic because nobody could do the kind of effects he wanted. Now ILM just does what everyone else does rather than innovate.

(I would also like to see them improve the field of animatronics. That would impress me.)

Include the Droids cartoon

OK, now I’m talking special features on the disk or additions to the box set, and while I suppose Ewoks would have to be included as well, I’m a droids fan. As the caption for the first image says, they’re the only reason to watch the prequels as far as I’m concerned. The continuing adventures of R2D2 and C-3PO were a great show, done in three-part acts that could be combined into a movie. In fact, there is a DVD with the last two arcs re-edited into a movie. The first arc, however, could set the stage to put events between the two trilogies (when R2 gets them accidentally launched into space) and they meet their first new master.

This should also include the ACTUAL Droids movie, The Great Heap, featuring the only master they had for more than one story, Mungo Baobab. I should tell you about this show sometime and why I enjoy it, but imaging a megapack with all the Droids and Ewoks stories. I also want Dark Horse to do more Droids comics and if I had an idea I would totally pitch it their way. All I can think of is a more modern tale where the Droids reconnect with Mungo or a return of the Great Heap or something, but could I do it without coming off as fanfic? I don’t think so, at least not with both of them. Maybe just something with Mungo…..I’ll have to get back to you folks.

You can see Ben and Yoda's jealous that they're so old, yet the reformed baddie gets to be young.

Fix Anakin’s Force Spirit

In general I don’t really mind that Lucas decided to use Hayden as Anakin’s ghost in one of the remastered Jedi versions. Sebastian Shaw only appears briefly in the movie as Anakin. Had it been David Prowse, who played Vader’s form, or even James Earl Jones, his voice, I would agree that it was a bad move. However, for a one-shot appearance having the guy who played Anakin in three movies standing there does make some sense.

My problem is that “Anakin” looks too young. Have Hayden get made up to resemble how he would look when he’s old, the age at which he was redeemed. He doesn’t need to have all the scars and stuff, he just needs to be old enough to resemble what he would have looked like at the time of his death. Now I don’t know what “age” we resemble when we get to Heaven, that’s one of those debates I leave to theologians. However, from a visual narrative standpoint I just think it would make more sense.

Like the toy, the character is only what fans make him to be.

Stop acting like Boba Fett is “all that”!

I feel like Dr Drakken from Kim Possible and I said this already yesterday but it bears repeating: Boba Fett (and his fans) think he’s all that, but he’s not! Outside of really cool armor, what has Fett really done in the two movies? Whine about how Jabba would pay less for a dead Han than a live one and run off with a block of metal containing said Han? Stand around? Use his jetpack once and get knocked into a stationary predator by a blind man? That’s really it. It’s the extended media, mostly the novels and comics set either prior to Empire or pulling a retcon straight out of a badly-written movie serial, that turned Boba Fett into a badass. Maybe there is some truth about rabid fans ruining one’s ability to enjoy a character?

Back to the fan-hated (but BW approved) Clone Wars cartoon, I’ve been more interested in his people, the Mandalorians, as depicted in that show. Boba actually did something in Season 2, as he tried to get revenge on Mace Windu for killing his father, Jango, in Attack of the Clones. We saw him come to the realization that in the name of revenge he was party to things he regrets. That’s pretty much it, though. The cartoon fans hate did more to give depth to Boba than the movies ever did. And by the way, outside of Shadows of the Empire, none of the novels and comics are considered canon to the Star Wars Universe. Which reminds me….

It had the novel, the comic, the game, the audiobook, and a soundtrack! Why no movie?

Where’s my Shadows of the Empire movie?

I know getting the actors together to make a live-action movie set between the ESB and ROTJ wouldn’t be a pretty site. That said, Hamil could still pull of Luke’s voice, Daniels still does C-3PO, Jones could do Vader in his sleep (I’d like to think he was for Sith, just to make me feel better) Williams could pull off Lando, and Fisher…well, some of the stuff she did to herself have affected her voice slightly, but a little vocal coaching and some editing booth magic in a pinch could have her pull it off.

Of course since Han was in carbonite at the time, Ford wouldn’t have to appear, but if really wanted in on this project, would casting him as Dash Rendar be too much like typecasting? I’d have to reread it (I have all but issue #1 of the comic because I couldn’t find the novel when I had the money for it and this saddens me–I think I borrowed it from the library at some point, though, because I have read it), but I’m sure there’s a role he could play somewhere. My point is, whether they went traditional or computer, an animated Shadows movie would be nice to have in the timeline on my shelf. And they already have the soundtrack. I’m listening to it right now as I type this, actually. Plus, you could use the Clone Wars and maybe even some prequel cast to fill in for other characters, thus getting almost everyone who has been a character in the movies a spot, which would be fanboyish and cool.

I wonder who would play Xizor, though…

Restore the Yub Nub song!

I have nothing against the Remastered edition’s song, “Ewok Celebration“. It’s a nice, relaxing song. However, it’s not a “we just save the universe” song performed by primal teddy bears. Bring the other one back!

I wish the final Jabba kept this guy's accent.

Finally, if you’re going to tweak something, try Jabba’s appearance in “A New Hope”.

This scene is the only reason to redo the first movie, if you ask me. The scene with Jabba may not seem important, but it’s the little things that make a movie. It also furthers the Han/Jabba subplot beyond the scene with Greedo. The only reason the scene in the hangar was cut was the fact that even ILM at the time couldn’t pull this off. Creating something like the Jabba we saw in Return of the Jedi at the time the original film came out would have been impossible. The Special Edition showed it can be done, but now that ILM has had more time to play with the process they could give us a much improved Jabba, either with improved textures or digitally inserting an animatronic/puppet over their existing computer model. This is more important than inserting “nooooooooo” into Vader as he saves his son.

(And for the record, I thought it was the weakest offense of Revenge of the Sith considering Anakin/Vader’s state of mind at the time, but seeing it in clips for the Blu-Ray alterations just feels forced.)

So that’s what I would do with the franchise if I were a consultant. What would you guys come up with?

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