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Archangels: The Saga #1

Eternal Studios (March, 1996)

I’m going to do the credits a bit differently for this comic, because three guys did most of the work.

PATRICK SCOTT: (writer, editor)
ANDY ORJUELA:(artwork, layouts, color assist)
JOHN LEGER (layouts, colorist)

An angel is shaken by a past failure, but when a demon attempts to kill a group of kids coming from  a party he is assigned to the survivor named Justin, who will play an important role in the story to come.

What they got right: I like the thought of battle between Heaven and Hell is being played out from a more biblical perspective. The demon doesn’t show up and try to hack the kids to ribbons, but whispers in the driver’s (drunk) ear about how he can obviously make it. The comic has a decidedly dark tone that may scare off some Christians who forget how dark the Bible itself can be, especially the Old Testament. The creators came for a mature tone, and they do so without all the gore and bad language that usually accompanies that. At the time they were also well-known creator so they should know what they’re doing.

What they got wrong: If you’ll pardon the expression, all the “sins” of the 90’s are here; the odd panel layouts (at least you can still follow them), crosshatching to death, unnecessary splash pages, and the like. Also, the main angel character isn’t named in this issue and the last panel just abruptly ends when the demon lord appears, as if it would have worked better in a trade.

Recommendation: To be honest, the only reason I can give this a recommendation is because, outside of the issues I’m missing, I know where the story is going. It’s not a good start, but combined with later issues there is a good story to be found.

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