Usually a video game review is about the game. However, I’ve considered doing a review of a game’s story. SF Debris beat me to it, with a review of Mass Effect 2. Granted it’s only one path. The host chooses a version of female Shepard, and the stats are only one option. I think he’s also using the PlayStation version, that goes briefly through the first game (which wasn’t released on PS) before taking you into ME2. The top video will play through all 9 or you can watch each part separately.

Just a warning, there are obviously spoilers here.

(Now if I could just get through ME1. Oddly, it’s not the squad based part holding me back. I can’t figure out how to get the ship to move. Yes, I’ve read the manual (that came with the Steam download…I got the game for $10 on sale that way) but while I can get into the map, I can’t get anything to select. I’m sure German Shepard (oh, like I’m the only one to use that name) is getting tired of waiting.)

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