Interestingly, also the name of Scourge's favorite old video game.

Sonic Universe #32

Archie Comics (November, 2011)

WRITER: Ian Flynn
PENCILER: Tracy Yardley
INKER: Jim Amash
COLORIST: Steve Downer
LETTERER: Phil Felix
EDITOR: Paul Kaminski
COVER: Yardley, Workman, and Hunzeker

The Destructix go on a rampage to break out of the Zone Prison, but it seems Scourge and Fiona have different ideas about what to do when they get out.

What they got right: There’s not much story to be had for the actual prison break, but how could there be? Some minor wrap-up of events, but otherwise just butt-kicking and the return of Al and Cal’s killer robot forms. (Even Flying Frog gets surprised by their transformation.)

What they got wrong: To be honest, there isn’t enough story by nature of the finale to really call anything wrong.

Recommendation: Not a good starting point. You should go back to the beginning of the arc or this won’t convince you to keep with the series. That or wait for the next issue, where the Babylon Rouges story begins.

I like how they fit so many characters and situations in there.

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