"I knew I left a cake in the oven!"

Transformers #26

IDW Publishing (September, 2011)

STORY: Mike Costa (script) & James Roberts
ARTIST: Livio Ramondelli
LETTERER: Neil Uyetake
EDITOR: Carlos Guzman
(cover “A” shown, artist did all three covers)

Thinking Galvatron mad (when he’s just a control freak), the Autobots attempt to retake the Kimia station before he causes more damage with its giant cannon mode. However, some of the Autobots inside decide it’s better to blow their station up, and in the confusion, Megatron takes control of the guns based off of his old gun mode and uses them to make his escape!

What they got right: Storywise, the action is very good, although I worry about where Costa is headed, especially thanks to reports that they’re killing Optimus Prime off. You’re going to make me put up with Rodimus Prime, aren’t you, Costa?

What they got wrong: Artwise, the action is terrible. I’ve complained about the “painted” art style being used in comics, but here it’s downright offensive. I can better tell what’s happening in the Michael Bay Transformer films than I can here. It isn’t necessarily bad (actually looks pretty decent on the cover–since covers want to be works of art instead of selling the comic these days) but it is just wrong for a sequential art format like a comic.

Recommendation: The writing is decent, but the art really drags this comic down. I really can’t recommend this comic unless you’re already following this series.

The art is so hard to follow that I can’t even nominate a Best Scene from this mess.

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