While I’m sure more info will come down the pike, it’s time to see what the House of Ideas (Others Did Better) is going to hit us with in the months to come. If I’ve lost interest in DC, I’m not expecting a lot of good things from Marvel.


  • The Ultimate Universe panel: Two things of interest. One is more about Miles Morales and the question as to whether or not Donald Glover’s mission to play Spider-Man had any influence on the introduction of a half-black Spidey. Personally, I don’t understand (A) why Glover wants to play Spider-Man so dang badly and (B) why they have to change Spidey instead of creating a good black character (or at least stop screwing up the ones they have). He’s just the “black Spider-Man” instead of being his own character. Otherwise, I do still like the ideas they have. The other is which version of Ultimate Iron Man’s origin to go with. Specifically, this line:

The just arrived C.B. Cebulski admitted that in the early days of the Ultimate Universe, Marvel “didn’t always know what we were doing” and that the specific origin was one place where things didn’t match up.

So they actually admitted they screwed up royally? That’s rare for today’s comic producers. Hopefully Alex Alonzo will be as good an influence as he appears to be, but these are just words. I want to see action!

  • Thanks to the upcoming Avengers movie we’re getting another Avengers comic, with Bendis in charge. Hooray, my wallet will still have money in it! Also, the Avengers will be involved in another event, “Shattered Heroes“. Joy.
  • X-Men’s Regenesis Panel: The most interesting parts were Peter David’s signs and the two kids asking questions. Then again, I’ve never been an X-Fan.
  • The currently time-lost Thunderbolts will be meeting their predecessors.
  • The Disney/Marvel Kids Panel: Marvel seems more willing to get kids interested in their universe, unlike DC. They have planned storybooks featuring the origins of Marvel’s crew and tie-in picture books of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Sadly, nothing about the Marvel Adventures line.
  • The Hulk Panel:So now Hulk and Banner are separated again, only Bruce is the “bad guy”. *sigh*
    Next fan review: “My six-year-old granddaughter is going to love the chain of bones around his neck.”

    That worry anyone else?

  • Digital House of Ideas Panel: Newsarama’s reporter got there in progress. Not much to say here, but worth a read.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Panel:The writers enjoy Spider-Island. What a surprise. Scarlett Spider is coming back, but without the hoodie (I liked the spider hoodie). “Singh says that readers have no idea where Spider-Island is going, which makes the story even better.” Didn’t I hear the Jackal was involved? Kills it for me. Carnage is getting a miniseries why? Mary Jane is still part of Peter’s life, but not as his wife…THEN WHY IS SHE THERE? Does anyone really prefer Carlie Cooper? Anyone?
    “The soap opera of Peter Parker is always the most important part of the book,” Wacker added.

    Not the way you guys do it! Newsarama seemed to have the worst luck with livecasting this one. Overall, not impressed.


  • The Avengers movie panel: I’m looking forward to this movie.
  • The Marvel TV panel: I give them credit for putting live-action and animation together, but then there’s more to discuss animation wise, isn’t there? I think they may be going for too much. You have live-action shows for Jessica Jones, the Hulk, Cloak & Dagger, and Mockingbird all planned. Apparently Peter is the Spider-Man for the toon version of Ultimate Spider-Man, which makes the new Spidey in the comic version even more confusing. They discuss the upcoming season of Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes and Super Hero Squad plus the in-development Hulk cartoon. Overall, I think Marvel is doing a better job with extended media than DC.

video games

  • They announced a tie-in game for the upcoming rebooted Amazing Spider-Man movie. It will be done by the same guys who made the more recent, comic-based Spidey games. If you loved those…well, let me just remind you that the same guys who made the awesome Transformers: War For Cybertron game put out a lackluster version of the Dark Of The Moon tie-in game, so don’t expect to escape the movie tie-in curse, gamers.
  • More on the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom game reveals new characters Phoenix Wright (interesting choice) and Nova, Galactus’ role, and DLC.

Tomorrow it’s all comics as we check in on the stuff from the smaller publishers. Hopefully they have something good to show us.


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